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TOP 25 Scary Manga. Part two


This is a continuation of our TOP 25 scary manga material. In the first part, we talked about the apocalypse at the hands of sorceress girls, body deformation, violence in elementary school and many other horror manga.


The manga talks about Naruse, he works for an electronics company. He also has a crush on Megumi, a saleswoman at an art store. One day, his office is attacked by criminals and Naruse is shot in the head.

A few months later, he wakes up in the hospital, where he is told that he has been transplanted a part of the donor brain to replace the one that was destroyed by the bullet. However, who was his donor is unknown. Soon Naruse notices changes in his behavior and his body, as a new part of his brain takes control over him.


I would call this horror manga an excellent thriller, as it focuses not so much on the horror as on the situation itself, the escalation and feelings of the characters, but this does not negate the fact that it is very interesting.

Jisatsu Circle

The manga begins with several dozen young girls happily jumping under the train together, committing suicide ... with the exception of one who manages to survive the accident without injury. She then becomes obsessed with death.


"Suicide Club" explores the topic of suicide, which is painful for Japan, which occurs in it much more often than in many other countries. She tries to look into a world where people cannot come to terms with what is happening around them, and find salvation in to cut your veins, throw yourself in front of a train or jump off a roof.


Mangaka Hideo Yamamoto all his creative life has been writing manga about various marginalized people, sex, yakuza and drugs. In his work Homunculus, he, one might say, reached the heights, but at the same time he was able to tell an excellent story about loneliness, reflection and the terrible abyss of human consciousness.


The main character of the manga, a former financial manager, finds himself on the street and lives in his car. Suddenly he meets a young doctor who offers him to undergo a craniotomy for 70 thousand dollars. Roughly speaking, this is a procedure when a hole is drilled in a person's skull. The doctor says that this can open up new abilities in a person, and our hero agrees. Soon, he really begins to see the world in a different way, for real.

At first you might feel like manga is trying to be more than it is, but in the end it leaves such a depressing feeling of plunging into the darkness of the human mind that it becomes uncomfortable.

Ajin: Demi-Human

Imagine being hit by a truck but not dead. This is exactly what happens to the main character of the manga, Kei. In it, the government is looking for immortal people, or, as they are called, non-humans, because they are considered dangerous. The government also wants to experiment with them, most often in horrifying ways. As a result, the nonhumans captured by the government want to flee. If they succeed, they will take revenge.


Kei is reluctant to participate in this campaign of revenge, but becomes embroiled in a conflict when an escaped non-human named Sato begins a series of massacres to rule Japan.


If there is a monster more iconic to the horror genre than zombies, it is a vampire. In Happiness, an ordinary high school student is attacked by a vampire girl. However, she does not kill him, but gives him the opportunity to become a vampire like her. Manga author Oshim Shuzo is a master at creating psychological fear in his work, and Happiness can be called a classic for his work.


I can't say that this is an amazing manga. Many people will not like her because of the fan service, like me, but the elements of horror, the way the vices of a person are shown, as well as the sarcastic game with happiness, makes her a good representative of the genre.

Higurashi When They Cry


It was originally a visual novel, but manga and anime were made based on it in the future. The manga follows the plot of the novel and tells how our main character moves to a remote village and finds a bunch of friends there. At first it seems that this is an empty harem, until it turns out that the main character wants to be killed by his new friends. There will be loli in this manga who chop each other with axes, and that's all you need to know about her. Its authors are different manga artists, each of which has its own way of adapting the novel.

The Drifting Classroom


This early 1970s classic tells the story of a school that mysteriously teleports into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Everything becomes especially strange when children discover that this is the future. Manga explores how this stressful environment affects people. Some teachers turn into killer maniacs. Others disclaim responsibility for the children. Left alone, children must unite to survive in this wasteland filled with monsters, epidemics and limited resources, hoping to find their way home again.

Pet Shop of Horrors


Someone Count D runs an exotic pet shop in Los Angeles's Chinatown. But these animals are fraught with a latent threat, and when buying, people sign a contract with the count that the pet store disclaims responsibility for all the consequences. The manga traces the symbolism of the number 4, which is considered the number of death in Chinese and Japanese mythology, and it is this that is carried by all animals created by the mysterious seller.



A friend of 17-year-old high school student Asami Kawakami, Chiharu, has stopped answering phone calls and is no longer attending school. She has become a recluse and plays Portus, an old video game, for the whole time. There is an urban legend that there is a secret level in it, where a boy appears and asks if you want to go to the other side. If you say yes, you will die. It soon turns out that Chiharu cut her own throat. Asami and art club teacher Keigo Sawa decided to find out the truth about the legend and Chiharu's suicide.



At the top of the horror manga, one cannot do without the work of the horror mangaka Junji Ito, who is called the best in this genre. We wrote about it in detail separately. His most famous work, The Spiral, tells how a small Japanese town is engulfed in madness. The father of the main character begins to get carried away with spirals, draw them all over the house, make spirals. He later breaks his bones and twists himself into a spiral. Soon the whole city and other people start to curl up.

Human Chair


Another work by Ito. This is a short manga, the name of which speaks for itself. A story about an unusual chair in which a person may live. The story is short again, but the author was able to unscrew the suspense in it to the fullest. Quite a lot of such stories are collected in numerous volumes of "Junji Ito Horror Collection"

Mimi no Kaidan


And the last creepy manga by Ito in our top "Ghost Story from Mima". This is a collection of short stories that tells how a girl named Mima constantly deals with otherworldly forces. For example, the first story tells how she and her boyfriend find a hanged girl in the forest, whose corpse begins to pursue them, no matter how far they try to run.

Dragon Head


A train full of students derailed in a tunnel during an earthquake. The few young survivors must try to maintain their sanity. When they find a way out, away from a wrecked train filled with the rotting remains of their classmates, they realize that the world they are trying to return to is not the same as it was before.

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