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TOP 25 Horror Manga. Part one


I love horror. This applies to both games and movies. I can't say that I watch or play them only for the sake of fear or for a chill to run down my back [more precisely, this is simply not the main motive]. As for me, horror films can afford to show much more than many other genres, ranging from shock content and disgusting scenes to something incomprehensible and surreal. Horror movies have a specific, brutal and inimitable charm. And its best qualities, besides games, I found in horror manga. Here are the TOP 25 horror manga worth reading for those who love horror as much as I do. An important point, the concept of fear is relative for everyone, and I will not say something in the spirit: “you will slowly turn the page with shaking hands, being horrified ... etc.”. She will scare someone, someone will not.


This is my favorite manga from Katsuhiro Otomo, which is probably one of the most innocuous here. But she has an unusual plot, some elements of which were transferred to Akira in the future. The manga tells about the confrontation between a mad old medium who kills for the sake of fun the inhabitants of his area, and a little girl with even stronger abilities. As a result of their battle, a lot of people die, and not only from the hands of a mad old man. And the denouement is pretty harsh.


Twisted / Ibitsu

A guy named Kazuki takes out the trash and sees a girl in torn clothes near the tank. She asks him if he has a sister and he says yes. Very quickly he learns that it was a mistake. Kazuki heard the urban legend of Lolita. It says that there is a girl in the city dressed as a doll. If she asks any guy she meets if he has a sister and answers "yes", she will try to become his sister, and then brutally kill him.


Ibiza has been a scary and stressful story from its inception. The girl immediately sneaks into Kazuki's apartment and begins washing her doll in the sink, spraying blood. But this is only a pitiful prelude before death and abuse of the dead begin

Parasyte / Kiseijuu

This is a classic horror manga, published back in the 80s in the pages of Kodansha magazine by author Iwaaki Hitoshi. Space parasites arrive on Earth, which make their way into our bodies through our ears and begin to seize control over the host's body, until at one moment they eat his head. Before that, they gradually begin to erase a person's consciousness.


When one worm tries to infiltrate a high school student Shinji Izumi, Shinji's headphones get in the way, and he has to go through his hand. Unable to penetrate Shinji's brain, the parasite found that it could not erase the host's mind, and they were forced to split the body.

While this manga has more humor than the others on this list, there is more than enough meat, blood and tin. Here heads explode and bodies explode.

Left Hand of God, Right Hand of the Devil / Kami no Hidarite, Akuma no Migite

Kazuo Umezo, who published his manga in 1986, came up with a huge number of ways to bully children, as much as his sick sadistic imagination could generate. His manga follows the 7th boy, Su, who can anticipate impending horrors and try to prevent them.


The author has managed to fill the manga with an impressive variety of gruesome images. For example, how do you like the picture of scissors bursting from a young girl's eyeballs inside her head? And that's literally where manga starts!

Parlor Woman / Zashiki Onna

There are no supernatural elements in the manga by Mochizuki Minetaro, published in 1993. She scares us with a believable story about a strange woman who stalks college student Hiroshi Mori.


The author has frighteningly illustrated the threat of invasion of privacy. As the woman finds more and more sophisticated ways to keep an eye on Hiroshi each time, the reader sees the depth of danger behind her actions.

Aftermath Radio / Kouishou Rajio

This is a manga series that has been running since 2014. At first it seems like a collection of short horror stories, but soon you realize that they do not just take place in the same universe, but are also interconnected. All of these stories tell of the origins and tricks of the Hair God.


Moreover, hair is literally the central theme of many stories. There are ghosts made of hair, the hair constantly covers or envelops the cursed people. Also, many people are haunted by their terrible reflection in the mirrors, where they are always bald. Just look at the screenshot and you will understand.

Seeds of Anxiety / Fuan No Tane

Someone calls this manga a collection of incoherent stories, but to me this is an amazing selection of Masaaki Nakayama, which was originally what his Aftermath Radio eventually became. The manga consists of several chapters, each of which is divided into a couple or three stories about school, persecution, or intruders.


The aesthetic of manga is that we never get an explanation. Sometimes they may even be without text, and you can understand them however you want. Is this a ghost story or a life story? Who knows.

Magical Girl Apocalypse / Maho Shojo of the End

The genre of sorceress girls is always associated with something bright and warm. Genre deconstruction was arranged by Gen Uroboti in his anime Madoka Magiсa, where blood appeared and dismembered. I thought it was cool and tough, but only before the manga, compared to which anime smokes on the sidelines in terms of brutality.


This manga has been published since 2012 and tells about the magical apocalypse. It all starts when Kii Kogami looks out the window and sees a little sorceress girl blow up his teacher's head. Kii is sure that it just seemed to him, and so he goes to wash himself in the toilet to freshen up. When he returns to his classroom, he discovers that a sorceress girl bursts through the window and kills everyone.

As the story continues, new sorceress girls appear, each of whom arranges its own unique carnage. All of them are united by the fact that sorceresses are invincible and have unlimited power. Moreover, they do not explain their actions. There is only a girl sorceress parasite, but I hate to remember her.

Dark Beast Anamorphosis / Anamorphosis No Meijuu

Shintaro Kago's work is clearly not for everyone, and I will warn you that he is a master at creating not so much scary as disgusting things. He's a real mad genius for dealing with the horrors of body modification, and he knows how to create designs that can really give you goosebumps. In addition, there is no censorship in his works, and at some points you may wonder how this can even be.


The Dark Beast Anamorphosis manga consists of two parts. The first tells about a group of strangers who are invited to stay on the set for 48 hours after summoning an evil spirit. The second part is a collection of stories.

In one story, a woman's body forgot a scalpel during an operation. The next day, a child runs up to her, saying that he forgot his homework, and pulls her out of his stomach. People are starting to treat her belly as a repository to store things they want to forget about.

I Am A Hero

This is a deconstruction of western zombie horror games. In this manga, zombies are not the living dead, but disgusting monsters that look like centipedes like in the movie Human Centipede.


Regular zombies, although decomposing, still look like humans. But here they are unrecognizable, amorphous and terrible. And they attack in a peculiar way. This manga is still incomplete and has even more terrifying variations of zombies, as well as the overall feeling that the manga is still growing its potential.


This horror manga is not just a story about family strife, but also unique in itself. She talks about Kirishima Seiichi, a man who plans to kill his wife while on vacation on the island. When he fails, she runs away from him into a cave. He pursues her, but soon he realizes that something is also pursuing him.


The story is told through memories, and they are also not particularly rosy. The manga conveys a sense of claustrophobia and is, in principle, very detailed. Hideout tells a story you need to delve into to get answers.

We will tell you about 14 more horror games in the manga in the continuation of the material.

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