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Warner Bros. intends to revive Akira


Warner Bros. ready to revive the adaptation of the popular manga "Akira". About this with reference to sources in the studio edition of the ComicBook.

Allegedly, the main contenders for the director's post were Daniel Espinoza, who directed the fantastic thriller "Living", and the creator of the horror movie "The Lights Go Out ..." David F. Sandberg. It is believed that the chances of the former are much more preferable, since he himself shows interest in this project.

Note that this is the first time that Warner Bros. ready to take on the production of a movie based on "Akira", it became known back in 2011. However, the project was canceled a year later, as the studio was unable to reduce the movie's production budget from $ 90 million to $ 70 million.

Most likely Warner Bros. decided to return to this question after rival studio Paramount Pictures movieed another popular manga - "Ghost in the Shell".

The original manga takes place after World War III. The plot is built around a biker named Tetsuo, who, after a collision with a mutant, becomes the owner of supernatural powers. The military is trying to isolate the protagonist, as they fear that he will become the cause of the disaster, which was previously arranged by a young man named Akira.

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Author: Jake Pinkman