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Inside # 9.06: new charger from Vivo; Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Vivo Z1 Pro


This Insider Facts episode will focus on two pieces of news coming from the Vivo camp. We will also tell you about the sound features of the Galaxy Note10 smartphone.

The new charger from Vivo will need only 13 minutes to charge the capacious battery

This spring, Chinese Xiaomi announced work on a new 100W Super Charge Turbo technology. Representatives of the company said that the new charger can recharge the smartphone battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh in 17 minutes.

The competition in this direction was made by fellow countrymen from Vivo, who developed an even more powerful technology that reduces the time required to carry out the above charging process to 13 minutes. It's called FlashCharge 120W.


The existence of such a technology became known after the release of the company's poster on the Chinese social networks Weibo. Recently, a number of media outlets from the Middle Kingdom spread information that a demonstration of the capabilities of this charging is likely to take place at the MWC 2019 forum, which will be held in Shanghai from June 26 to 28.

Another source claims that along with FlashCharge 120W, Vivo will show the public its new 5G smartphones.

At this time, the company's fastest-charging smartphone is its flagship iQOO. It supports 44W fast charging capability. It has a 4000mAh battery that takes 45 minutes to restore to full power.

Some will think that this is a lot compared to the 13 minutes possible in the future. However, it should be borne in mind that at this time in the world there are few smartphones that can support fast charging at 44W.

Who is the first to announce the most powerful charger, Vivo or Xiaomi, will be announced next week. Looking ahead, the market for smartphones with these capabilities is expected to expand, but only a small fraction of them will be equipped with technology that allows you to spend very little time on it.

Galaxy Note 10 will receive a new feature

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone will take place soon, so rumors about the presence of some "chips" are actively circulating.

From the information published by Ice Universe, it became known that this device will be equipped with displays of a new line, capable of generating sound like in the LG G8, acting as a diaphragm.


The appearance of such a technology became known during the Mobile World Congress exhibition. The LG G8's display acts as an amplifier, helping the speakers on the device.

According to the source, a new technology developed by a Korean company has reduced the thickness of the bottom of the gadget, which has limited the ability to install speakers. Therefore, the display will take over their role.

Ice Universe claims that the Galaxy Note 10 won't have speakers at all. Experts are still skeptical about such information, since nothing confirms it. Samsung hasn't even changed the supply chain by using the same display suppliers. None of them reported new screens.


In addition, ETNews claims that the front camera of the smartphone will receive a ToF sensor, which improves the quality of selfies and improves the accuracy of the bokeh effect. The Galaxy Note 10 will allegedly have six cameras. Experts agree that the manufacturer will release several modifications of this gadget. It is clear that the Note line will differ from others in the presence of a narrow customer base. Each release will meet its needs.

Vivo Z1 Pro Sales Coming Soon In India

Recently, an advertising poster of Vivo company appeared on the Internet, which speaks of the imminent start of sales of the Z1 Pro smartphone in India. This is said to start on July 3rd.

The device received a 6.53-inch display with Full HD + resolution, a Snapdragon 712 processor, a 32MP selfie module and a triple main camera (16 + 8 + 2MP). The last two sensors are needed for wide-angle shooting and depth sensing.


Game lovers will love the presence of Game Center and Game Cube technologies, we also know about the availability of configurations 4/64 GB, 6/64 GB and 6/128 GB.

The smartphone is equipped with a 5000mAh battery with 18W fast charging technology. Nothing is known about the prices for it yet.

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