Insider # 8.09: Huawei Mate 30 Pro; Samsung Galaxy S11; Intel Tiger Lake; Vivo FlashCharge 2 (Topic)

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Insider # 8.09: Huawei Mate 30 Pro; Samsung Galaxy S11; Intel Tiger Lake; Vivo FlashCharge 2


The next release of insiders will tell you about the camera capabilities of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro smartphone, the new Galaxy S11 display, the latest generation of Intel processors. At the end of the review, we will discuss the appearance of a powerful charger from Vivo.

Huawei's flagship camera will get an interesting feature

Huawei will be announcing its flagship devices very soon. However, leaks regarding their technical capabilities continue to be published online.

One of such news was the appearance of an image of the stand, which will allegedly be used by the company during the entire presentation event. On it you can read all the key features of the gadget, but the attention of specialists and users was attracted by the slow motion capabilities of the Mate 30 Pro smartphone.

Earlier it became known that the camera of this device will be equipped with four sensors. Two of them will have a resolution of 40 megapixels. These indicators do not surprise anyone now, but something else is interesting. The product will have one slow motion capability that will allow it to outperform its competitors from Samsung and Sony.


The advanced Galaxy Note 10 Plus smartphone is equipped with the ability to record slow-motion video at a speed of 960 frames per second. The same figure for Huawei Mate 30 Pro is 7680 frames per second. Experts do not yet know how the engineers of the Chinese manufacturer were able to reach such an indicator.

It is speculated that they may have used a sensor with built-in DRAM or made it possible to interpolate video at a higher frame rate to capture more frames.

For a more cinematic video, the product has received the Cine Lens function.

The main camera of the device will have two more lenses: a resolution of 8 megapixels and a 3D lens for determining the depth. Additionally, it will be provided with ultra-high definition night mode.


All hardware processes of the smartphone are controlled by the Kirin 990 chip, which also has a 5G version. To ensure autonomous operation, a 4500 mAh battery is provided. It supports 40W fast charging and 27W wireless charging.

Experts believe that the device will run Android 10 with the EMUI 10 shell. It is not known whether the device will be equipped with Google services, early leaks about this denied the fact of their appearance. But it is clear that he will have a 6.6-inch screen with a display "Waterfall". It features a 90Hz refresh rate and right-angle bend.

The Mate 30 line was released yesterday, and the Pro version will be announced the other day.

Galaxy S11 will be equipped with a high-quality display

Insider Ice Universe on his Twitter page posted information regarding the flagship gadget Samsung Galaxy S11. The message was short, but succinct and meaningful in content.

According to the specialist, the novelty will be equipped with a display with a refresh rate of 90/120 Hz.


This news will surely please many users. In addition, many mobile devices are expected to receive screens with higher refresh rates next year. This will be practiced when equipping not only top devices.

Prior to this, the Indian insider Ishan Agarwal posted on the network information about the beginning of testing the Samsung Galaxy S11, which has the code number SM-G980F. It will have several modifications, three of which will be able to work in fifth generation networks.

Intel is preparing to release next generation processors

Next year, Intel will launch Tiger Lake chipsets. It is already known that they will be based on the Willow Cove kernels, and support for PCI Express 4.0 will also be implemented. GPUs will be driven by Gen12.

The chipsets of this series were recently tested in AIDA64. Their clock speed was announced at 3.6 GHz. According to the results of testing a CPU equipped with four cores and eight threads, we managed to get a frequency of 3.55 GHz. Its original baseline was 1.0 GHz.


We also received information that the size of the RAM for Tiger Lake products will be 12 GB. What will be their cost has not yet been established, the date of the announcement of the new line has not been announced.

Vivo will launch powerful chargers

Three days ago, a Vivo employee in a Chinese social network published data on the development of a FlashCharge 2 charger by the specialists of this enterprise. According to him, products of this type will begin to be mass-produced.

The first generation of this accessory has 22.5W of power, while Super FlashCharge produces 40W. If FlashCharge 2 is released, it will set a power record. This figure is announced at 120 watts.

While this memory often appears only on various demonstration stands. Experts predict the possible launch of this product after the announcement of the company's flagship gadget. When it will be and which device will become the record holder for charging power is not yet known.

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