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Inside # 12.02: iPhone recovery; Moto Edge +; Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite; vivo charging


There will be four pieces of information in the latest February Insider. First, let's talk about a new way to restore the operating system of Apple smartphones. After that, we will discuss the upcoming release by Motorola of a new flagship device and two devices from the budget segment of the market. Then we will find out the test results in the benchmark of the unannounced Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and the capabilities of the new vivo charger.

Apple is working on wireless iPhone recovery

Owners of iPhone or iPad know what a headache it is to restore a failed operating system of these products if there is no laptop or PC at hand. This is because performing this process requires physically connecting a mobile device to these gadgets, opening iTunes, and performing many recovery steps.

The situation may change in the near future. This is evidenced by the data obtained by the resource 9to5Mac. In the extreme beta of iOS 13, it found links to the OS Recovery feature for iPad and iPhone. This program allows you to recover iPhone and iPad OS wirelessly.

The latest beta version of iOS 13.4 comes with an OS Recovery section. The above site could not access it, since it was inoperable. At the moment it is not known what this functionality is capable of.


Experts assume that American developers have heard requests from users who complained about the laboriousness of the process of restoring iPhone and iPad operating systems. The new resource will surely help in the implementation of the wireless recovery method. This requires only one more similar device nearby.

It is noted that the function will work in a similar way to data transfer tools that allow you to transport information between devices of the new and old generations.

Now a similar method has been functioning in MacOS for a long time. However, it does not require another Mac to be nearby.

At the moment, it is not known whether the required functionality of OS Recovery will be launched on iOS 13.4 or whether users will have to wait until the fall when iOS 14. This version of the operating system will probably be equipped with useful functionality.

An insider spoke about Motorola's immediate plans

A reputable insider spoke on his Twitter blog about the alleged features of the flagship Moto Edge + device and Motorola's future plans.

According to him, the device will be equipped with a 6.67-inch 2K-screen with a built-in front camera and an integrated fingerprint scanner. The display is also claimed to receive a refresh rate of 90Hz.


The basis of the hardware filling of the smartphone will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor with a 5G X55 modem. Several memory configurations will be available, but 8/128 GB and 12/512 GB are likely to be the most requested.

The main camera of the device will receive a quad-module. The resolution of its sensors will be 48, 12, 12 and 8 megapixels. The selfie camera will be equipped with one 20 megapixel lens and face recognition functionality.

An NFC module will be installed to perform contactless payments. Autonomy will be provided by a 5000 mAh battery with fast and wireless charging functionality.

Moto Edge + will be shown one of these days, its cost will be $ 856.

Another insider spoke about the imminent debut of two "state employees". Nothing is known about the name of the first. He will receive a 6.53-inch screen, Snapdragon 675 and 4000 mAh battery. The second will be the Moto G8 Power Lite. It will be equipped with a MediaTek Helio P35 processor, a 4000 mAh battery.

Galaxy Tab S6 Lite test results have appeared on the Internet

Samsung is currently successfully selling the Galaxy Tab S6 tablet. However, not everyone can afford it, and the company decided to remedy this situation with the release of a light version of the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite device.

An indirect confirmation of this information is the fact that the results of testing in Geekbench appeared on the network under the name SM-P615


According to its results, it scored 1259 points in multi-core and 346 points in single-core mode.


The tablet runs Android 10, based on Exynos 9611 with 4GB of RAM.

A similar product has also been listed in the Bluetooth SIG's database, which indicates its imminent announcement.

New vivo charger showed the fastest charging speed of a smartphone

Apex (2020) smartphone is expected from vivo. The main nuance of its design will be the presence of a screen-waterfall, which covers the side faces with a curvature of 1200. Another advantage of the model is the presence of continuous optical zoom, which will allow you to adjust the scale of the subject during its direct execution.

It is also known to equip the device with a powerful charger.

Recently vivo presented a video showing how in just 3 minutes 20 seconds the charger charged the smartphone battery to 30.81%.


This charging speed is currently a record among all mobile devices and gadgets.

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