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What to see from the films while sitting in isolation: ”Radius” (2017)


Despite the fact that this picture is already "three years old", we recommend Radius (2017) to everyone who cannot make a choice of what to watch from the films. And that's why. First of all, the fantasy genre is loved by everyone. Secondly, the tape was not shown in domestic cinemas. And thirdly, its premiere was rather quiet and very few people heard about it in our country.

Meanwhile, the movie "Radius" is quite interesting. And now we'll find out why.

What the film "Radius" (2017) is about

Let's check out the trailer right away. To our great regret, no one bothered to translate it into USA, so that is, that is. Although, everything is clear there.

If anyone remembers, in theMarvelianX-Men universe there was a girl named Marie and nicknamed Rogue, who could kill a person just by touching him. You could meet her in the film X-Men (2000).


Earlier, she lived her life, until, at one point, she decided to kiss her beloved boy. The boy immediately threw back his hoof, after which the poor mutant Marie, who was stuck by her parents on the one hand, her peers at school on the other, and the press on the third, had no choice but to make her feet go far away.

In the movie "Radius" (2017), the main character named Liam has the same ability. Only in order to send another poor fellow to the forefathers, he does not need to touch him. The victim herself will throw the skates away, approaching him by 15-20 meters.

Nobody exactly measured it, except for himself, but, unfortunately, he did not dare to voice the results of his measurements to the audience.

The film "Radius" (2017) begins with the fact that the main character wakes up next to a car turned upside down by wheels. Early morning. In the distance, the sky is now and then illuminated with lightning, thunder is heard. The guy gets to his feet, goes out onto the highway and wanders in complete prostration. Attempts to stop an approaching car. The car turns on the turn signal. Apparently, the driver wants to respond to his call. But then everything goes clumsily. Instead of neatly parking on the curb, the car continues on until it slides into a roadside ditch with one wheel and stalls.

A dumbfounded guy runs up to the sedan, opens the door and sees a dead woman behind the wheel with her eyes tight, muddy, like a rotten fish.


Tin. He moves away from the car and dials 9-1-1 on the mobile. The operator answers and, accepting the application, among other things, asks to provide his name and surname. And only then it dawns on him that he doesn’t remember anything about himself.

After interrupting the call, he reaches into his pocket, pulls out a wallet with a license and finds out that his name is Liam. And then the first dead bird falls from the sky onto the hood of a dead woman's car.

A stunned Liam walks to the nearest roadside diner, but upon entering it, he sees that there are only corpses.


Moreover, it seems that they just gave up the ends. Thinking that this is some kind of infection in the air, he covers his nose with the torn sleeve of his shirt and knocks out of here at his address, apparently found in his wallet.

They are shouting on TV about the murder of a woman on the road and people in the diner. Going out into the street, he sets up an experiment with a crow. While she, croaking, sits on a snag, he begins to gently approach her. When there are about 20 steps left, the crow stops croaking and quacks, sorry for the pun.

His guesses were confirmed. It is he who kills everyone. On the way, he had to kill the tractor driver, who managed to get close to him. He also has problems with the police who visited him after they found his car overturned near the road.


But they were lucky enough to get out of here alive.

And then another main character appears. A young woman arrives at his place of residence, but, as it turned out, his "superpowers" do not work.


It turns out that she was also with him in the car at the time of the accident. Her memory has also been successfully knocked off, but, unlike Liam, she does not kill anyone with her approach.

Now both of them have to find the root of the problem. And they cannot be parted in any way. By poking, they discover that Jane (that is the woman's name), being near Liam, somehow blocks his "deadly gift". But this is very difficult to do, given that the police suspected of Liam's murders constantly want to separate the two.

Well, they die like flies, naturally.

Pros and cons

We liked the film "Radius" (2017). We watched with pleasure, which means that the whole film is one continuous plus. Not a "super duper bomb", but much higher than the level of gray squalor that comes in batches in cinemas.

Minus can be seen only in the small number of extras. Accidental victims could (this is only in our opinion) and more could have been done. Wrap the plot so that the pursuers leave the guy no choice and drive him through some market or a jam-packed supermarket. But it worked out well without that.

Radius (2017) is an example of how a decent movie can be made for little money.


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