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What to see from self-isolation films: ”Becky” (2020)


Despite the fact that the movie "Becky" (2020) was scored in the premiere schedule of our distributors on July 9, the situation is such that its premiere, like the premieres of other new products this spring and the first half of summer, and may not take place at all in our country. But it has already appeared on online viewing sites in excellent quality and in tolerable translation, so why not watch it in advance?

And to whom the amateur and clumsy translation fell on the ears, you can always check out a masterpiece with subtitles. What we actually did.

Description of the movie "Becky" (2020)

Let's immediately see what kind of trailer the people responsible for promoting the project have concocted for us.

Little is clear, since no one bothered to voice and create credits for it. But we'll bring some clarity.

The picture begins with the main character, a 13-year-old girl named Becky, who misses her mother, who passed away a year ago. In general, adolescents experience the death of loved ones much faster than adults. They have puberty, their head is full of teenage problems, boys, girlfriends, etc. Quite quickly, the problems of deceased loved ones fade into the background.

But this is not the case here. The heroine of the film "Becky", apparently, even before her mother's illness was not very sociable and in itself was more precisely "in herself" than "outside." Therefore, given that her mother was not only a mother for her, but also a kind of replacement for her best and other friends, as well as for the rest of society, her departure had an extremely difficult effect on Becky.

She is not quite at odds with her father, who, after a year, does not, in general, miss his deceased wife, that Becky is pissed off. He tries to keep her behavior in check, but he is not very successful. The girl is on her own wave and it is not easy to argue, as well as calm her down if she is too stuck in something or dispersed because of something.

But she still doesn't know what kind of present her dad is preparing for her. And this gift will be stunning.

It turns out that while she was grief-stricken and lived in memories of a past life, a daddy on the side found another. Now he is faced with a dilemma - how to bring this to the ears of his daughter. Especially considering that she and her new fiancee have already decided, sort of, to get married.


Father comes up with a plan. He decides to take his daughter to a forest country house, which very much reminds Becky of her mother and which he was going to sell before. Becky was very upset by this circumstance, and when her dad shocked her with the news that he had decided to leave the house, she was simply in seventh heaven.

But, alas, it did not last long. When she got into the car, she saw two more people in the back seat - Dad's dark-skinned girlfriend with her little asshole son.

Moreover, when they arrived at the place and sat down at the table to dine, the father announced that he and his new girlfriend decided to get married. And Becky, unable to accept such a betrayal on the part of her father, jumps up from the table and runs into the woods, where her little house is nearby, in which she always played when she was very little.

If Becky's dad had been more attentive and listened to what was said on the news, maybe everything that happened next could have been avoided. But daddy's head was filled with how to tell his daughter that he had found a replacement for her mom, and what to buy for her in order to cajole her. So everything happened as it happened.


Start mixing

In parallel, in the movie "Becky" we are shown how four Nazi prisoners escaped from prison. Having made porridge in prison, they achieved that they were transferred to a correctional institution with a higher security regime. On the way, they escape. Sewing one of the prisoners and making sure that the police escorting them lose their guard and climb into the back, they finish them off. Dressed in police uniforms, they brake a sedan with an unsuspecting family and, killing everyone, disguise themselves as civilians. Now you can start what this escape, in fact, was for.

Although, for the sake of what business the escape was made to us in the movie "Becky", no one said anything, because it never came to him. But, it is clear that initially there will be no business, if you do not pick up a special key in one secluded place, which was hidden there even before the release.

A secluded place, oddly enough, is the basement of the forest house of our main characters. And that's where the gang of escaped Nazis are heading.

It doesn't matter what way the "natsyki" hid the key in this house. Whether it was once in their possession, or someone broke in here and hid the key by coincidence, the main thing is that Becky found it long ago and hid it.


And while she sits in her house and revels in grief, the Nazis, who broke into their country house, arrange a "revelry of anarchy" there.

The leader of the Nazis, who went down to the basement, of course, does not find the key in the cache, and from that time the terror began. Guessing that somewhere in the forest his daughter was hiding, the Nazis dragged her dad out into the yard, where they were going to deal with him.

Becky is already aware that there are bad uncles in the house, as she overheard them talking as they passed near her hideout. Sneaking quietly, she made sure with her own eyes through the window that they were armed and threatened the father, the newly-minted stepmother and her child. But what to do, she cannot figure out. The nearest neighbors live several miles away, but she did not dare to leave her father and his “guests”.

Through the children's radio, they contact Becky and offer her to return the key, otherwise they will kill daddy. Due to a series of accidental circumstances, the father, nevertheless, is killed, and the girl, in shock from this, is imbued with such anger and vengeful hatred that ...


See for yourself.

Pros and cons of painting

On the one hand, the plot is jaded. Somewhere in some country house, in the wilderness and far from big and not so cities, "bad uncles" flock to visit vacationers and begin to terrorize them. As in Die Hard, there is a loner who either went unnoticed or escaped, and will now begin to eliminate all the “bad uncles” in turn.

Plus, and the intrigue is that the role of "loner" here was played by a young daughter who went crazy first from betrayal, and then from the death of her father. Of course, in normal life and under normal circumstances, such an unequal fight would be simply doomed to failure, and the girl would predictably get rid of the "bad uncles" in full.

But the circumstances here are not quite "standard". The girl is clearly not in herself and not of this world, and therefore everything may well work out for her.


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Watch the movie "Becky" (2020) online

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