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Casting: The Last Ranger and Assistant to the First Lady

Image The journalists of the portal Collider report on the next addition to the cast of the new " Power Rangers ": Becky Gomez , also known as Becky G. b>, got the role of Yellow Ranger .

The Ranger team is now complete. Previously, Naomi Scott ( Pink Ranger ), Dacre Montgomery ( Red Ranger ), Ludi Lin ( Black Ranger ) signed up for Dean Israelite's filming and RJ Sayler ( Blue Ranger ).

There is still little information about the plot of the future film. Insiders suggest that the picture will be a sequel to the series "Power Rangers Dino Charge" ( Power Rangers Dino Charge ), but these rumors have not received official confirmation. Some sources also write that it is possible that the usual names of the main characters of the franchise will be changed in the project Israelite .


Becky Gomez has had occasional appearances in several TV series, but the girl is better known as a composer and performer - she wrote soundtracks for such animated films as "Monsters on Vacation" and "The Smurfs 2."


Greta Gerwig (Sweet Frances) will join Natalie Portman and Peter Sarsgaard on the set of the biographical drama Jackie . The film will focus on the first four days in the life of Jacqueline Kennedy after the assassination of her husband John F. Kennedy, when Jackie instantly became an icon for the entire American people. Gerwig will play one of the former First Lady assistants. The biopic is directed by Pablo Larraine, who plans to start filming the tape later this year.


The cast of biopic Chuck Wepner, a boxer who managed to hold out 15 rounds in a fight against Muhammad Ali himself, is also fully completed. Jim Gaffigan ("It's a very funny story"), Michael Rapaport ("Cops in Skirts"), Pooch Hall ("Ray Donovan" / Ray Donovan ) and Morgan Spector (Obshchak) got roles in the biographical drama The Bleeder ( Bleeding *), filmed by Philippe Falardo. Gaffigan will play John Stoer - Wepner's best friend (Liv Schreiber), and Rapaport - the brother of the protagonist. Hall will play the role of Muhammad Ali , and Spector will play the role of Sylvester Stallone, who wrote the screenplay for the cult film Rocky shortly after Wepner's fight with Ali . Chuck himself, by the way, claims that it was he who inspired Stallone to create the image of Rocky Balboa .

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