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What to see from the films at the weekend: ”Gifted” (2017)


The picture is not very fresh, but since its premiere in USA was rather quiet, we decided to everyone who cannot find a movie to watch to check it out. It was rolled in our company by Twentieth Century Fox CIS, which bought only 162 copies of it, which is, of course, too little for our vast country.

In the meantime, the movie came out great, and now we'll talk a little about it.

Description of the film "Gifted" (2017)

Let's evaluate the trailer right away. Moreover, it is quite informative in itself.

The main thing is clear, but we, nevertheless, will explain. Frank Adler, who looks suspiciously like "Captain America" by Steve Rogers, lives in one of the coastal towns of Florida, raising with a black neighbor his nephew Mary, an extremely gifted girl in every way, and in mathematics in particular. And everything seemed to be good for them, until the girl turned seven and it was time for her to go to school.

The fact that “everything was good before” can only be assumed, since the film “Gifted” does not describe facts from the life of a strange family consisting of Frank, an African-American nanny Roberta and baby Mary. Let's believe the words of Mary herself, who refuses to go to school and says that without her, everything was in openwork.

But she refuses sluggishly and uncertainly, because she knows that she is not the boss here and everything will be as Uncle Frank says. And Uncle Frank, after a short parting word "to be like everyone else and not to stand out", puts her on the school bus and waves her pen.

But Mary didn’t manage to stand out. On the very first day, she managed to stun the teacher in math class by multiplying three-digit numbers in her head and extracting roots from them. And later she got into trouble with the headmistress herself, who came to the first-graders for a lesson.

Frank is called to school and this is in the film "Gifted" the first acquaintance of his uncle with the teacher's brotherhood. Promising that he would have a conversation with his niece and apologizing, he takes Mary home. And from that day on, their lives began to slide downhill.


In order not to turn the extended description of the film "Gifted" (2017) into an "extended spoiler", let's just tell you briefly why. The fraternity of teachers got angry that such an advanced girl as Mary should be in a special school for the gifted. Frank insists that the girl will study with her peers, otherwise she will not have a childhood. The headmistress instilled in the brains of Frank's mother, who lives separately and is unaware of her granddaughter's talents.

Learning that Mary is as advanced in mathematics as her mother who committed suicide, Granny appears out of nowhere and tries to get custody of the girl, exposing Frank to the guardianship in the darkest colors.

In general, the poor girl will have to endure ...

Pros and cons

Just as in the well-known film "I am Sam" (2001), the main disadvantage of the film "Gifted" lies in the fact that it is not entirely clear how "Uncle" Frank raised the girl to seven years old. Was he a guardian or not? It is very strange that the guardianship authorities did not become interested in this "duet" before, which for such a progressive country like the United States looks, frankly, paradoxical.

The rest of the film touches the soul. Filmed perfectly, there are no complaints about the semantic content. Nearly. One could argue a little about the ostentatious trial, but ... We all understand that it is a system in Africa as well. The laws themselves were written, they voted for them, and you yourself should do it.

When shameless people turn the flaws of legislation in their favor, the conscientious ones are pushed to the wall by them. Life in a state governed by the rule of law at its best.


Anyone interested in our proposal on which film to spend a couple of hours of Sunday evening time on can safely follow the link below:

Watch the movie "Gifted" (2017) online

For the rest, who are not satisfied with the dramas and who are hotter, we suggest diving through thegenre selections of last year's films, among which everyone will find a picture to their liking.

Enjoy watching, don't get sick and have more cool films and TV series for you!

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