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An overview of accessories for those who love variety: Programmable Robot, Adata SSDs, ORRO TWS Headphones


This information block will surely appeal to those who pay a lot of attention to electronic novelties and love various accessories. Let's talk here about the capabilities of the programmable robot robot created by the Chinese startup Elephant Robotics. We'll also talk about the specifications of Adata SSDs and the features of OPRO TWS headphones.

A small Chinese enterprise has developed an electronic pet

Our portal has already written about robots dogs. They not only entertain their masters in Japan, but also serve in the US police.

The assortment of electronic pets does not end there. Recently it became known about the development of the MarsCat robot by the startup Elephant Robotics.


This is a relatively inexpensive device that can be programmed to your liking. There are many possibilities for this.

Outwardly, the gadget really looks like a cat. His program contains data that makes his communication with a person as similar as possible to the behavior of this pet. Many manners and habits of the animal have been copied. The robot cat was taught to give its paw, stretch, play with various objects.

The body of the device is equipped with six sensors that respond to touch. For contemplation of the surrounding environment, the robot received a 5 megapixel camera. Its brain is the Raspberry Pi 3 single-board computer. Thanks to it, the product has received maximum individuality. The developers plan to go even further in this direction, giving the mechanical toy many more features.


The autonomy of MarsCat operation is provided by the built-in battery. It takes from three to five hours, depending on the mode of operation.

This mechanical pet is able to recognize twenty key phrases, among which there are "go to bed", "come here" and "let's play." In the future, the company's engineers are planning to expand the list of device capabilities by releasing new firmware for this. Users will be able to purchase or share them on a specially created online platform.

The head of the company said that now the cost of the robot is $ 649. After its widespread sales begin, it can almost double.

MarsCat will hit the market in March 2020.

Adata External Drives

In our country, the sale of external SSD-drives SC680 and SE800, which were developed by the specialists of the Adata company, has begun.

The SC680 is 10mm thick and weighs only 35 grams. This is one of the most compact models available.


The body of the product is made of durable material, which allows you not to worry about its integrity in the event of a fall or any mechanical impact. Another advantage of the SC680 is that it has a reduced power consumption compared to analogues.

In its work, this drive uses a USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface, which provides read and write speeds of 530 and 460 MB / s, respectively. This is more than six times higher than those of external hard drives.

The device is also equipped with a USB Type-C connector, which makes it possible to connect a cable to it either side. Due to the SC680's full compatibility with any OS based on Windows, macOS, Android, the drive has no restrictions on data transfer.

SSD SE800 has a slightly higher weight - 40 grams, but the compactness almost does not suffer from this. The main advantages of this product are its strength and performance. This drive is capable of supporting data transfer rates up to 1000MB / s. It is also not afraid of moisture and dust getting inside the case, as well as falling from a small height, as it is protected in accordance with the requirements of IP68 and MIL-STD-810G standards.

OPRO Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

ORRO recently introduced its new product, the Enco Free Wireless Headphones.

Their construction is based on the base of the Bluetooth-chip with the possibility of separate error correction for each earphone. They are also equipped with the functionality of simultaneous two-way signal transmission.

The presence of these technologies allows to reduce the signal delay time. The manufacturer claims that it does not exceed 120 milliseconds here.

At the heart of the sound transmission system of each earphone (equipped with two microphones for comfortable listening even in a sound-rich environment) is a composite membrane made of three types of metals: magnesium, aluminum and titanium.

Enco Free comes with silicone eartips for a secure fit in your ears and extra noise isolation.


The device is controlled using sensors. They allow you to adjust the sound intensity, sort tracks, listen to incoming calls to your smartphone or reject them.

The autonomy of the headphones is five hours, when using a special case it increases five times.

OPPO Enco Free will go on sale December 31st for $ 100.

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Author: Jake Pinkman