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Italian startup unveils a robot carrier that recognizes its owner


Another home robot has appeared in the arsenal of smart home appliances by the Italian startup Piaggio, part of Vespa, a scooter manufacturer. The device is called Gita, it has two wheels and he knows how to balance on them. The main purpose of the robot is to transport goods, and the reference points for movement are set by its owner, whom Gita obediently follows everywhere.

A couple of years ago, the Piaggio project presented the concept of a future mechanized porter, acting as an autonomous courier for transporting small loads or personal belongings of the owner. In the initial version, the assistant robot was conceived as an autonomous device, and its movement speed was within 35 kilometers per hour.

The startup has now presented the final design, intended for mass production. Compared to the original concept, the serial Gita has changed somewhat, although it partially retained its original characteristics. The final version lost its original autonomy. Gita is no longer able to follow a certain route on its own, but now the home robot has learned to recognize its owner and follow him. To do this, it has several cameras in front and on the back of the case.


Gita has retained the same design as the original 2017 concept. Externally, the device has a spherical shape, on both sides of which there are two wheels. They have a backlight, and its switching depends on what actions the robot is currently performing. A special closing hatch is placed at the top of the structure, which leads to the compartment with personal belongings and objects.

The robotic mini-carrier is capable of delivering goods up to 18 kg, and its own weight is approximately 23 kg. Another difference from the original design was the reduced movement speed. The final version of the Gita will follow its owner at 10 kilometers per hour. The robot is powered by a battery that should last four hours on a single charge.

The new robots demonstrate effective work in urban environments. Gita feels confident on well-maintained surfaces such as paved roads and sidewalks. Snow, mud, or uneven directions do not travel well and may get stuck there. On stairs, the robot will also not show a successful descent or ascent. The most he can overcome is a 16-degree slope.


The device supports a special mobile application where the owners of the "robot-suitcase" can check the battery charge or lock the compartment with things. The creators of Gita estimated it at $ 3250.

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Author: Jake Pinkman