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Japanese developers have created a robotic tail for humans


At the moment, Japan is one of the most advanced countries, and its technologies and developments are famous for modern solutions and findings. Recently Japanese robots have been replenished with a very specific mechanism. It was written by students from the School of Design at Keio University. The development is called Arque and it is a robotic tail for a human.

As conceived by the creators, the mechanized Arque will allow you to feel the same that animals feel in nature, owners of the same, only a real tail. In general, the concept is designed to help people, making their life easier. The development will appear at the SIGGRAPH 2019 global event dedicated to computer technology, animation and graphics.

Arque is attached to the waist. Moreover, its length and weight are regulated depending on the parameters of a person. An unusual robot controlled in the form of a mechanical tail is equipped with a kind of "muscles" - four pneumatic elements that move the entire structure, and are controlled by special software. The pneumatic system works in eight directions, creating a stable body position. In this case, the person himself with such a mechanism at the waist during movement will feel an automatic change in the balance of the body.


As the inventors explain, most animals in nature use their tail as a balance and as a means of controlling the body, increasing its mobility. In humans, a kind of tail in the course of evolution has completely lost all functions, becoming a rudimentary part of the body. The concept “human robot” they created with an artificial anthropomorphic tail was inspired by a natural original, and in practical use it allows you to change the impulses of the human body to create tactile feedback.

The original Japanese robots have always amazed the imagination, and now the development of Keio University continues the baton. The new device, according to the authors of the idea, will allow you to experience the same sensations that are characteristic of many vertebrates. However, this is not the main purpose of Arque. A robotic tail can become an indispensable assistant for people with disabilities. The mechanism can be used as a support when moving. It can also be used for lifting weights, and in some cases, Arque can be used in video games.

The Topic of Article: Japanese developers have created a robotic tail for humans.
Author: Jake Pinkman