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TOP 5 Japanese Horror Games


Nobody knows how to juggle the horror genre in video games like the Japanese. Indeed, Japanese studios know how to give meaning to this genre, so that it not only scares, but also amazes with its subtexts, mythology, symbolism and lures with interesting gameplay. We have collected for you the Top 5 Japanese horror movies, which, in our subjective opinion, are the best representatives of the genre.

5th Place - Hunting Ground

Opens our list of the best Japanese Hunting Ground horror games. In 2005, Capcom released this game exclusively for the Playstation 2. The game itself was the spiritual successor of Clock Tower, we talked about it in the history of the horror genre. To put it bluntly, the Hunting Ground is what Amnesia used to be. We have a defenseless protagonist, a certain area in the game where we can move around, and a stalker - a person who constantly pursues us. Hunting Ground did a great job with this concept before more modern horror games took over.

We play as the girl Fiona, who wakes up in the cage of the dungeon, wearing only a white sheet. At this time, a huge creepy freak named Dibelios is staring at her [yes, you got it right, his appearance matches the name]. He becomes the very first stalker in the game, of which there will be more later. The plot of the game keeps the tension until the very end, and only then will you know what everyone needs from you.


Despite the fact that our heroine cannot fight, but only kick all sorts of vases, according to the plot, she is joined by Hume's song. He can attack the enemy on our command, as well as help solve riddles. In return, we need to take care of him and praise him for the work done. Our dog has character, and if you offend him or kick him, he will throw you and you will die, realizing that animals cannot be offended.

Most of the time we will spend in the castle, the surroundings of which, although made in gray tones, are very atmospheric. In addition, the game keeps you on your toes, as the stalker can always appear from nowhere and make you flee. You will not scream with fear, but stay alert - that's right. By the way, the game works well on emulators, so PC boyars will be able to appreciate it.

4th place - Resident Evil 2

Yes, it may look trite, but choosing the best Japanese horror games it is simply impossible to ignore this series. It is difficult to decide which part is better and scarier, but still, we decided to stop at a remake of the second part. I doubt that you need to say anything here at all ... But, let's say, there are people here who have not played it through different circumstances.


Thanks to its great suspense and cool visuals, Resident Evil 2 makes you really nervous. It is not only about the fact that you constantly feel danger, but also about different sounds and silence that replace each other and put pressure on you. But if the heroine of our last game was helpless, then here we have a full arsenal. Too bad he doesn't help against Mr. X - a huge layoff that can't be killed. He chases us the whole game, giving no respite.


One can argue whether a remake of the original is better or not, but the main thing is that it is also good.

3rd Place - Silent Hill Trilogy

As with the previous game, it is clear that Silent Hill will be at our top. The developers decided to focus on psychological pressure, surrealism and symbolism, about which we dashed off two large articles at once. In addition, the game was able to turn all the technical flaws in its favor. For example, the well-known fog hid a long loading of the location, but at the same time for the player it created the feeling that he was entering the unknown.


All the horrors that we see personify the sins, fears and complexes of people who have fallen into this city. And we can talk about design and plot for a very long time. All these rusty structures, creaking gates and doors, monsters, dirt and ashes ... But the most important thing to talk about for hours is the soundtrack of Akira Yamaoka, about which we also wrote a lot.


If you haven't played the original trilogy, read it and go do it. You can also appreciate the fourth part of "The Room", which, although inferior to the trilogy, is still the original Silent Hill.

2nd Place - Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Past games were made with a focus on the Western market, but the following projects are true Japanese horror. We'll start with Fatal Frame II. What is this game that was released only in Japan and was never officially translated? Imagine that you are watching your scariest movie, add Japanese flavor to it and you will get something like this.


Playing as two sisters Mio and Mayu, we find ourselves in a village inhabited by ghosts who want to find peace. They will be able to do this, of course, only by killing our charges. To fight them, we will use the obscura camera, looking at the world through the lens. And believe me, catching these ghosts on camera is as uncomfortable as possible. The atmosphere of the game, as well as its plot, kill all your resistance to horror films. Let's just say, it rarely happens when a dead girl walking slowly towards you can make you cry. And that's exactly what happens in Fatal Frame II.

1st place - Siren Blood Curse

And here is our winner. The plot of the game tells the story of a film crew who got stuck in a Japanese village, where all its inhabitants became shibito - Japanese versions of the demonic dead. These creatures remember their past life, which makes the enemies feel alive. Oh, and by the way you can't kill them.


The game is divided into several chapters, where we will play as the group members in turn. The main feature is that we can look at the world from time to time from the perspective of a zombie. And while it's useful when escaping, it's damn uncomfortable. Especially when you want to know where the enemy is, you switch to his vision, and he is already reaching behind you.


Why is she in the first place? You will have more bricks from it than from all the games mentioned today. That only is the insane oriental design of monsters. Imagine you go, switch to zombies and see yourself standing below on the ground, return to the hero, look at the sky, and this creature flies with the power of the wings sticking out of your head ...

Spec. place

And finally, outside the top, one cannot fail to mention the insane PT This is not a game, but only a teaser to the canceled Silent Hills from the great master Kojima. He was able to make a looped corridor scary, which some did not make it to the end.


This was the WorldOfTopics Top Best Japanese Horror Games. Also check out our other Tops on Battle Royale and Star Wars Games.

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