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This week's CADELTA gaming news digest. Part one


How Fallout 76 will improve tourism in Virginia, PVP in Hitman 2, wipe in Black Desert, RDR2 in numbers and more, will tell the game news in our weekly digest.

Fallout 76 will improve tourism in Virginia

The governor of western Virginia, Jim Justice (the state where the game takes place), after the Fallout 76 open beta, estimated how many attractions the developers have recreated in the game. He decided not to lose sight of the situation and attract tourists to his region. For example, the state tourism department has partnered with Bethesda to create an advertising strategy that will tell about the unique landscape, culture and attractions of this place.


Today they have already launched a special page with information about the game and the state, the announcement of tours, and an offer to travel around it with Vault Boyme.

It is also worth mentioning that the company has opened its branch in Moscow, which will be engaged in marketing and promotion of games in USA and the CIS.

We are awaiting reissue Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Game Producer Jim Vesella selflessly attended a Redit talk about the mobile version of C&C shown at E3. There, having rolled a huge spoonful of "negative" from users, he entered into a dialogue with them with a statement that he had heard public demands, and by the 20th anniversary of the EA series they will delight players with a re-release of the classic Command & Conquer. However, what exactly it will be is unknown.

Red Alert

But the fact is that the public will decide this by simply expressing their wishes, and EA will collect the best proposals on Redit to implement.

IN Hitman 2 will PVP

A mode called Ghost Mode works on the principle of two participants on the same map, and the game randomly chooses common targets for them to eliminate. If the kill is quiet and the body is not found, the player will receive a point. After that, you will need to remove the next victim, and this will continue until someone from their players scores 5 points. Killing the wrong NPC will take one point away.

Participants see each other, but cannot exert direct influence. But with the help of general ghost boxes, which contain clothes, weapons and other loot - yes. So you can throw a coin in front of your opponent, which will attract the eyes of the guard.

You can try this mode, as well as the game about the silent killer, on November 13th.

Due to change of USA publisher Black Desert players lost all experience

GameNet has been the USA publisher of this Korean MMO since 2015. This was until November 13, when the term of the contract about the publishing house expired, and now the game will be supported in USA and the CIS by the company itself, the developer of Pearl Abyss.

Everyone knew about this since September, but no one expected that after that a complete wipe would occur in the game - resetting the game process.

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Due to the total bureaucracy, the developer does not have access to the old servers, which means that the players are left without their characters and the experience they have been downloading since 2015. There is also no access to the purchase history and precious loot and gear cannot be returned. In fact, the game began with a clean slate for gamers ...

But this is not the end, the developer has no rights even for USA localization, so it will also have to be done again. Companies are actively throwing blame on each other, and the players can only wish endurance and patience, well, sympathy.

The scale and energy expended on RDR 2

Traditionally, our gaming news is not complete without RDR2. Den House, Rockstar founder, in an interview with reporters talked about how much effort and "man-hours" was spent on the game.

  • The main plot of the game takes 2 thousand pages on paper. And if you add up all the sheets with additional quests and secondary dialogues, you get a stack of 2.4 meters high.
  • Composer Woody Jackson has been working on music since 2015 and has written about 192 interactive soundtracks.
Red dead Redemption 2
  • 1200 - so many actors were involved, 700 of them had dialogues in the game.
  • There are 500 thousand lines of dialogue in the game, and 300 thousand of animations.
  • 2200 days were spent on motion capture. They have been held since 2013.

The developer said that it will take 60 hours to complete, but the catch is that it doesn’t flatten out - it’s only completing the story campaign or story and additional missions, or 100% completion.

Story Company Trailer BFV

The developer decided to remind us that unlike their competitor with the latest Call of Duty, they have a storyline. It consists of 4 different stories about participants in large-scale battles. This is what the trailer shows.

Publisher announced Cyberpunk 2077 in Europe

CDPR decided not to deviate from tradition. And if in America the publisher is Warner Bros, then in Europe it will be the studio Banday Namko. As in the case of the Warner, the Poles were pleased with the collaboration with this publisher during the release of The Witcher.

That was all the gaming news for today, if you haven't heard about the AC III re-release, Star Citizen trailer, we invite you to read our last digest.

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