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Fallout 76 Officially Announced, First Game Details Revealed


Ahead of E3 2018, Bethesda Softworks has made the official announcement of Fallout 76, the new game in the popular franchise set in post-apocalyptic America. The developers refused to provide any information about their new project before the start of E3, but thanks to the authoritative Western resource Kotaku, the first details of Fallout 76 appeared on the network. According to site insiders, we are expecting a revolutionary game for the series, which may not appeal to fans of the first two Fallout installments.

For a start, some positive news. Developed by the main gaming division of Bethesda, just what created all the games of the Elder Scrolls series and the last two numbered parts of Fallout. It will not be a mobile or Free2Play project, but a large-scale game that is sold at full price. American retailers have already started accepting pre-orders, from which it became known that Fallout 76 will visit all major gaming platforms.

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On the gameplay side, the new Fallout will undergo dramatic changes. Initially, the project began as a multiplayer studio experiment in the famous post-apocalyptic series, but after lengthy development, it has grown significantly in scale. Bethesda wisely decided not to give the experimental game a numbered title, but named the new Fallout in honor of Vault 76, from which the main character of the game will come.

Although the game will follow in the footsteps of the series, offering a canon story company and many side quests, it will be entirely focused on the multiplayer mode. Site staff describe the new Fallout as another project in the now popular Survival genre. That is, you can expect a limited amount of resources and the evolution of elements for building a city that appeared in Fallout 4. They will also not forget about the service aspect of the game, so in Fallout 76 it will be possible to buy resources and unique equipment for real money.

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As for the setting, it will also undergo changes. Fallout 76 will show the wasteland from a completely new perspective, since only 20 years have passed since the end of the nuclear war, and not 200, as in the previous parts of the series. New settlements will only emerge on the American scorched lands, and many parts of the map will become inaccessible due to the increased radiation background.

We will be able to confirm or deny the information of Kotaku already on June 11, when the major show of the new Fallout will take place. We also remind that this is not the only Bethesda game in the post-apocalyptic setting coming out soon. Earlier, the company announced Rage 2, which is also expected to showcase its gameplay at E3.

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