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This week's CADELTA gaming news digest


In today's gaming news digest: there will be no wipe in Black Desert, Blizzard denies Diablo 4 rumors, priest simulator announced ...

There will be no wipe in Black Desert


Developer Pearl abyss and former USA publisher GameNet have come to an agreement that it is now possible to transfer all player progress to other servers. Even more, localization also falls into the hands of developers, so you don't have to do it again. The data transfer will begin shortly at the request of Pearl abyss.

Discord has become a play store

Who does not know - this is a gaming voice messenger, which gained popularity and began to actively develop. And so, he has grown to become another store. The creators of the messenger told about the release of a thematic video.

The beta version of the site has already been launched all over the world and is integrated into the main client, and contains only manually selected games. So they try to avoid the low-quality product that Steam is full of.

Games are launched directly through Discord. Cloud saves are built into the platform, as well as exclusive projects that are shown in the video. Nitro's 10-dollar subscription also includes freecontent:Metro Redux, SOMA, Darksiders 2 and more - a total of 60 projects. The library of the service is universal and it will store not only games purchased in discord, but also on other servers in order to run everything from one launcher.

Sean Bean will be the new elusive target in Hitman 2

Traditionally, almost all the characters of this actor die in films. He decided not to change tradition by accepting the offer to become a new target in Hitman 2, as evidenced by the new teaser. Sean will play a former MI5 agent who, as you might guess, will die.

The concept of an elusive target is that it appears only at a certain time for only 10 real days, and after the first death, you cannot restart the mission. Players will receive a reward for successful completion. Which one - users choose by voting on the game page between such things as: a pen with explosives, headphones noose and a flashbang grenade in the shape of a robot.

Sean Bean will appear in the game on November 20 - a week after the release.

The Stanley Parable has an opportunity to get an interesting achievement


The game was released in 2013 and caused a lot of discussion. It has such an achievement as "Go outside". To do this, you need not launch the game for the last five years ... Putting it all together, we understand that this year you can get it. So if you last played The Stanley Parable 5 years ago, check out Steam.

Blizzard Denies Diablo 4 Rumors

Traditionally, before the start of Blizzcon, fans begin to dream that they will be announced the continuation of the cult series. But the developers, on the contrary, are hinting that gamers will have to wait a little longer.


As stated by Blizzard on their blog, they have seen a lot of rumors about their work and that these are exciting times and several teams are working on Diablo projects and they can't wait to share them when the time is right. In the meantime, the ancient evil is still asleep and they thank the players for their patience, but it is still worth waiting.

Paraphrasing without excessive pathos, the conclusion –Diablo 4 is most likely in development, but we will not see it at the next festival from the developers.

Obsidian is unlikely to be in Fallout

Today our gaming news has a sad tone. There were many rumors that the studio was engaged in a sequel to New Vegas, and the developers themselves decided to answer them. When asked by a fan, "What is the likelihood that they will be doing this project?", They took a picture with a fortune ball, which was the answer "very doubtful".


Despite the numerous hints that work on Fallout is in full swing, in that chile and posts of Criss Avelon in 2016 - today's statement is unsettling. This may be related to Microsoft's purchase of Obsidian.

Bethesda figures out where the Brotherhood of Steel comes from

This became a small scandal, because according to the lore of the original game, the Brotherhood had never been in this state. Logically, Fallout 76 - they are there, but for some reason they appeared before they were officially created.


To which the writers came up with the following - a month after the great war, Army Captain Roger Maxson went with a group of survivors to the Lost Hill bunker in California. There, he found access to a satellite with which he organized branches of the Brotherhood throughout the country.

Priest Simulator Announced

Polish studio Ultimate Games SA has announced the Priest Simulator game. By all appearances, it will mock Catholics and contain a lot of black humor.

In the trailer, after an unsuccessful exorcism, the priest gets drunk, begins to sin, forgive sins for money, and then kills the devil. The developers call their project a simulator of the most influential person in the village.

That was all the gaming news for today. If you haven't read about tourism in Fallout 76 and who is the publisher of Cyberpunk 2077, we invite you to read the last digest.

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