Sony will skip E3, the sequel to Half Life: Black Mesa, Walkers revival, Devil May Cry series - This week's gaming news digest from CADELTA. Part one (Topic)

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Sony will skip E3, the sequel to Half Life: Black Mesa, Walkers revival, Devil May Cry series - This week's gaming news digest from CADELTA. Part one


Today, in our game digest, you'll also learn about add-ons to Frostpunck and how InXile moved to Microsoft.

Sony will not be at the next EZ

This statement was recently made by the company. This is their first pass in 24 years. For gamers, this is a big disappointment, because many people are waiting for their presentation. Worse, the company won't even have a booth.

One could hope that Sony, following the example of their EA colleagues, wants to create their own exhibition in the neighborhood. However, in the same announcement, the company made it clear that they had no presentation scheduled for this period. It is worth recalling that Sony recently announced the cancellation of its annual Playstation Expiries.

Rumors of a new revision from Microsoft for Xbox One S

Before launching the next generation of consoles, Microsoft is going to delight fans with the release of a new revision of the Xbox One S. Besides being smaller and more compact than the previous model, it will not have a floppy drive. This will significantly reduce its cost from $ 299 to $ 199.


In order not to lose all the games that gamers have on discs, they can be exchanged for digital codes in stores that will participate in this initiative. However, no official confirmation from Microsoft has been received yet

Fallout 76 release day is made a holiday in Virginia

The governor of this state, Jim Justice, continues to use the release of a new game from Besezda to develop tourism in Virginia. Let us remind you that it is here that the action of the game takes place, as well as the fact that special tours around the locations of the game were launched in Virginia.

This time, the governor made statements that the release date of the game on November 14 will now be an official holiday in the state and is called Rebirth Day, after the name of the first mission in the game.

So far, we see that the government of Virginia is using the game too much to popularize tourism, which may come back to haunt them, because the scores of the game on Metacritic are not even average.

Overwatch is temporarily available for free

To lure a new audience, Blizzard is going to make Overwatch temporarily free until November 27th. The game will be available to all users in full, with all 29 characters and on all 19 maps. Most of the modes in the game will also be unlocked. Don't miss your chance to play by downloading the game from the studio's official website.

Half Life Black Mesa Sequel Announced

Gordon Freeman's Crowbar Collective, responsible for the remake of the original Half Life with the subtitle Black Mesa, never completed the final level of the game where Gordon enters the world of Zen. The good news is that it will be next year. The trailer for Black Mesa: Xen talks about it.

According to the developers, the design innovations work great, and it will take players about 6 hours to complete the game's final, and even more if they do research. The release is scheduled for the second quarter of 2019.

Netflix will do DMC series

The adaptation will be directed by Adi Shankar - the same person who is responsible for the Castalvania series, both seasons of which went to the public with a bang. The producer acquired the rights to the series personally so that no one could dictate the rules when creating. Based on the available facts, it will most likely be an anime.

New DLC Released For Frostpunk

The add-on is an endless mode. It offers players new maps, level customization and difficulty. All buildings and decrees are open in it, and time restrictions have also been lifted.

You can play in two forms. The first "calm", where the focus is on urban planning. The climate is moderate and does not interfere with the construction of the city. Lack of resources - no. In the "resilience" format, the opposite is true, and the bias is towards survival, the fight with the weather and the extraction of resources. The developers said they made even more content in the add-on than they wanted. It is distributed free of charge.

InXile Entertainment is taken over by Microsoft. Details

Sounds scary, but the opposite is actually true. Now the authors of many classic and iconic role-players can expand their staff, have a budget that will help get rid of crowdfunding, and the founder of the studio, James Fargo, will not leave it, as he was going to do. Fargo himself said that Microsoft does not put pressure on them at all and is ready to support all projects.

In the future, the studio is going to make games that will be something in between indie and AAA projects. They will come out more often and will be of better technical quality. The studio has a good future in the future.

The Walking Dead Final Is To Be

The remnants of TellTale will soon be closed for good, but their most famous project managed to escape. Rumors have been confirmed and development will be carried out by Skybound Games, owned by the creator of the comic about The Walkers, Robert Kirkman.

The Walking Dead

There are no details about the release of the game yet, but it was confirmed that the development involved former TellTale employees. Also, thanks to the new developer, the old parts of the long-suffering franchise are back on sale.

This was all the gaming news of the beginning of the week, if you have not read about the death from SWAT prank, and how DICE apologized to USA players, then you are in our last digest

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