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What to see from the films on self-isolation: ”Guardian” (2019)


We will have to pay for everything in our life. Or answer. Maybe someone gets away with something sometime, but not here. Today, for everyone who cannot decide what to watch from the films, we recommend watching the thriller with horror elements "Gatehouse" (2019), which just touches on this topic.

We do not know how about criminals, politicians, not clean officials and other corrupt persons, as well as murderers of all stripes, but to unfaithful husbands, people with an unstable psyche and a schoolboy who pretends to be no one else, here will be rewarded to the fullest.

What is the film "Guardian" (2019)

Children are children. They are still weak in life experience and judge everything from the position of their childishly flat mind. And therefore, when dad, after walking another on the side, decided to divorce mom, and because of which mom, sitting comfortably on the sofa, blew her brains out of the gun, the kids, of course, passed the verdict that her death was in no way to blame a walking daddy himself, namely a depraved girl who seduced a good and diligent father before.

Dad did not grieve for long. In addition, he and his new girlfriend named Grace had everything on the ointment. They signed immediately after the funeral. It remains only for the kids - 15-year-old son Aiden and 10-year-old daughter Mia - to introduce their stepmother. In order for the kids to quickly get along with their new "mother", the father brings them (and his new wife and children) to his country house near the devil on the kulichi, where all further "interesting events" will take place. We are watching the USA trailer.

The degree of "backwater" of the forest house is most easily explained to those who watched Stephen King's The Shining. In winter (and now it is Christmas Eve), when all the roads are covered with snow, it can be as difficult to get to your father's country estate from the city as to the Overlook mountain hotel. It was to such a "cozy" place in the film "The Guardian" that the head of the family brought his new wife with children.


Everything was fine until dad was called to work. Convinced that his family has everything - both food and fuel for a diesel generator, he goes to the "mainland", after which the traces of his SUV are safely covered by a blizzard.

Most likely, this was specially set up so that the stepmother would get closer to the children faster. If he knew better what kind of children he has and what kind of new wife he got, he would have thought a hundred times before arranging such "interesting" and daring experiments.

The fact is that the children dug up disgusting and creepy dirt on the Internet about their newly-made stepmother.


It turns out that she was the daughter of the leader of the sect, whose followers, not so long ago, all in all, in the amount of 12 people, together in a single impulse committed suicide, about which there was a video on YouTube (or where?), on which, By the way, Grace herself was involved.

It's clear that after that the kids didn't feel any positive feelings from meeting such a person.

Grace's Ordeal

On the other hand, Grace herself, having got into a house in which icons and crucifixes are hanging everywhere, given her past, could not experience anything good within its walls. The atmosphere of the mystical piety of this place pressed on her brain from the very beginning. Therefore, when the subsequent unexplained events began to take place in the house, she simply began to lose her "grip" with reality.

In the beginning, the word "Repent" appeared in a pair of souls on the mirror. Then, waking up in the morning, she discovers that the generator is dead, the phones are dead, food has disappeared from the kitchen, and all things have disappeared from her closet and dressers, as well as her dog. To top it off, the stepson constantly pesters about a dream in which he dreamed that they, having breathed gas from the heater burner, went to the next world and now they are, in fact, all dead.


There is no car, and the road is so covered with snow that it is useless to find any way in these snowdrifts. It is impossible to contact the "mainland". The generator is not working. And Grace decides to take a desperate step. Wrapped in blankets, she decides to go to the nearest town through a blizzard on a frozen lake.

Poor woman. And this is just the beginning of her long misfortunes.

Pros and cons of painting

Those who like horror movies with a gloomy setting, in which you are constantly in a state of expectation, will not be disappointed. Here this is in abundance. Misunderstandings are also played awesomely. Some amazing acting is not particularly required for such a film. Unless the role of Grace had to be played properly. And we think Riley Keough did a great job with this task.

We saw a minus only in a rather unpretentious and vague ending, in which the result was proposed to "play out" in the mind of the viewer himself. It was this ending that seemed to the creators of the picture the most acceptable and, at the same time, eerie and epic. We slightly disagree with this, but ...

And so it will do.


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We are saying goodbye to you until next week, where we will try to watch something more fun. In the meantime, we wish you all good health, a speedy exit to work and, as always, more cool films and TV shows on this boring and stretching for many months spring coronavirus self-isolation!

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