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Doom without Mick Gordon, Jason Schreier left Kotaku, XCOM: Chimera Squad - gaming news digest # 4.04. Part one


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Fans suspect a conflict is brewing between Bethesda and composer Doom Eternal

The Doom: Eternal soundtrack was released last week on April 18th. It was received by the owners of the collector's edition. However, fans suspected that something was wrong with the release, and one of them did a little analysis, finding out that the release was spoiled by a possible altercation between Mick Gordon and Bethesda.

Doom soundtrack is unusual. In addition to a few recorded tracks in it, most of the compositions consist of blocks that are superimposed on each other, depending on how a person plays. Therefore, in the gameplay itself, the soundtrack is always individual, and in order to release it separately, you need to do additional work.


The person on Twitter under the nickname thatACDCguy compared the recordings of the Doom 2016 soundtrack with the current release. Specifically the BFG Division composition and its remix in the new edition. In the past soundtrack, the composition has a good range, which allows each instrument to open up, but still sound organic. In the remix, it is compressed, and the melody is not very high quality. He ended up expecting more from the release. The soundtrack itself is awesome, but not a digital release.

Mick Gordon himself came to him in the comments and said that he did not mix this track, he also worked on several tracks and this can be seen from their audio tracks, if you look.


Additionally, fans claim that there is a lot of hack in the release overall. On Reddit they say that of all 59 songs, Gordon himself worked on only 11, and the rest were mixed by Chad Mossholder, audio director of id Software. Users doubt that he mixed the other 48 tracks correctly, due to an alleged quarrel between the composer and the publisher with the studio.

So, Gordon once said in the comments under the cover of "The Only Thing They Fear is You" that the person from the marketing department who collected this song does not understand anything about music.

Plus, one fan posted a screenshot of the correspondence with Mick Gordon, who says he is unlikely to be working with Id Software yet.

Jason Schreyer left Kotaku for Bloomberg

More, alas, you will not see the phrase "Kotaku editor Jason Schreyer", because last week he announced that he was leaving the resource. It turned out he went to Bloomberg. There he will also work on the gaming section, and deal with news, culture, rework and business in the gaming industry.

He recently spoke with, where he put forward the idea that in recent years, game journalism has become much bolder, and journalists are not afraid to publish materials that are ready to anger anyone. Even 10 years ago, Schreyer says, the gaming media bypassed scandals.


Also, in his opinion, the problems of game journalism are low wages. Even the hardest game pen sharks are paid far too little compared to any other line of business. According to him, the future of gaming journalism and blogging lies with a paid subscription.

He will start work in May, while he will work on his next book.

XCOM Announcement: Chimera Squad Coming April 24

Out of the blue, 2K Games Firaxis announced XCOM: Chimera Squad, which will be released this week on April 24th.

The game takes place after the events of XCOM 2. People and aliens create a new civilization in cooperation. However, not all people are happy with such an alliance and form resistance. We are in the "Chimera" squad, which consists of humanoids and humans, heading to City 31 to destroy the resistance.

The squad consists of 11 people, and each character has unique skills and characteristics. Character skills can be combined.

We will manage the mission from the strategic headquarters, where we determine its priorities and send squad members on assignments.

The developer focuses on reworked tactics and a series of intense and unpredictable battles awaits us. For example, we can storm rivals, placing a squad in front of it. Another innovation is the alternation of moves of the enemy and ours.

At the same time, the world will live on its own, and the enemy will create riots in the street and push for an uprising.

4A Games is looking for staff to create an online shooter

At the moment, the Ukrainian studio 4A Games, familiar to us from the Metro series, is developing an unannounced AAA-level network shooter for PC on Unreal Engine 4. The new game will have a change of day and night, dynamic weather conditions, both open and closed locations, as well as NPCs like people and robots.


This became known after the developers posted on six vacancies.

The game will be made for the first time on a different engine, and not on the 4A Engine. We can also assume that we will see ray tracing in the game, since the studio previously announced that it wants to implement the technology in its next major project.

Ubisoft makes a film about older esportsmen

According to Deadline, Ubisoft acquired the rights to "The Next Generation Of Competitive Gamers Is ... Over 60?" The Wall Street Journal. The article tells about the group of CS: GO esportsmen Silver Snipers where the youngest participant is 65 years old.

The team performs at various shows and even came to Igromir 2018. She is sponsored by Lenovo and coached by Frederik Andersson, a former esports player. The script for the show will be written by Abby Cohn and Mark Silverstein, screenwriters for Pretty Woman.


Previously, Ubisoft has already released the series "Mystical Quest: Feast of the Crow" on AppleTV +. And it was renewed for a second season.

Stardew Valley Creator Eric Baron finally bought himself a table

PC Gamer has a section where developers show their jobs from a PC. Stardew Valley creator Eric Baron has always been famous for his modesty and showed off his workspace - a small table that he modified.


So that he stood up to work - he put the monitor on a box from under the Wii U, and the keyboard on the speakers, and for him it was perfect.

As we wrote in the history of the creation of Stardew Valley - Baron, after 5 years of hellish work, released the game, made a lot of money, and Stardew Valley itself sold 10 million.

Not so long ago, a story was filmed about him on Seattle television, where it can be seen that after so much time and such success, he finally bought himself a normal and comfortable table.

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