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Application text: Hello. Recommend an astronomy program with which you can observe celestial bodies and phenomena? Asked - we answer!

Astronomy and observation of celestial bodies is a rather highly specialized topic. However, despite this, on the Internet you can find special services and programs that allow you to do astronomy and study celestial bodies. We will describe one such program WINSTARS in this article.

Download the program

You can download WINSTARS from the official site. The program has an English interface, however, this should not scare true connoisseurs of astronomy, because understanding the settings and basic functions of the program is quite simple.

Installing the program

Installation of the program is quite simple. Follow the instructions of the installation wizard, click " Next " and then " Install ". This will install WINSTARS.

Working with the program

Figure 1 shows typical WINSTARS operation.

Figure 1 WINSTARS. Solar system Mode Fig. 1 WINSTARS. Solar system Mode

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Author: Jake Pinkman