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Simple free word translator. Program

Application text: Hello. Recommend a free translator from English into USAn, undemanding to computer resources? Asked - we answer!

If you have an Internet connection, translation of any word or sentence from English into USAn does not cause problems. However, if you don't have an internet connection and you need an electronic translator, you can use one of the offline translators. For example, the program NeoDic .

Download the program

You can download the NeoDic translator from the official website. There you can also download a presentation of the main functions of the program.

Installing the program

Installing the program is very simple. First select your preferred language (NeoDic supports USAn interface), then follow the instructions of the installation wizard. Click " Next ", read and accept the terms of the license agreement, then select the folders for installing the program and storing shortcuts. Then you will be prompted to create shortcuts on the desktop and in the quick launch bar. Finally, click “ Install ”. This completes the NeoDic installation process. Click Finish .

Working with the program

After installation, the NeoDic icon will immediately appear on the toolbar (Figure 1).

Fig. 1 NeoDic program icon Fig. 1 NeoDic program icon

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