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Create iso - disk image. Program

Request text: Good afternoon! How do I create an iso disk image?

There are many programs for creating iso-images of disks. In this article I will tell you about the free program CDburnerXP , with which you can create an iso-image of a disc.

CDburnerXP is a free program, you can download it from the official site here.

Also on the official website you can read the online help about the program in English.

Program installation:

Before starting the installation, the program may offer to install the .NET Framework, if you do not have this technology installed, then the CDburnerXP program will offer you to go to the site and install .NET Framework version 2 or higher. Installing the .NET Framework is very simple. You save the file, run it and then follow the instructions of the installation wizard. The installation interface is USAn.

If you already have .NET Framework v2.0 or higher installed, the installation wizard will immediately start installing CDburnerXP . During the installation process, you must accept the terms of the license agreement. To do this, click on the circle "I accept the terms of the agreement", otherwise the program will not be installed.

Then the "Select installation folder" window opens, click "Next". This will open the "Select installation components" window. I recommend that you complete a complete installation, just click "Next". Then the program will ask you to choose a location to create shortcuts. Click Next. This will open a window for selecting additional tasks. Here you can immediately link all iso files to CDburnerXP . To do this, check the box next to the phrase “Link ISO files (.iso) to CDburnerXP . Click Next (Figure 1).

Fig. 1 Installing the program Fig. 1 Installing the program

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