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HONOR Magic Earbuds Review


Many manufacturers equip their TWS headphones with Active Noise Canceling. This functionality is quite popular now. It allows the owners of such accessories to protect themselves from the noise of the crowd, the hum of the subway and other unnecessary sounds. They can be used even in the office - smart functionality will cut off extraneous sounds and will not allow you to miss the necessary information. Let's tell you more about one such model of the Chinese manufacturer HONOR.

How Active Noise Cancellation Works

Each of the HONOR Magic Earbuds is equipped with three microphones to take full advantage of Active Noise Canceling. One of them is located outside and two inside.


Outdoor is needed to capture incoming noise. It is muted by a mirrored phase response. The second microphone works in the same way. It enhances the suppression effect. The third is necessary to cut off external interference and extraneous sounds for the interlocutor during a telephone conversation.

How the noise canceling system works depends on the selected mode. By long pressing on any of the headphones, you can turn ANC on 100% or completely deactivate it. The latter option is suitable in cases where the user is afraid to miss some important information or the doorbell.

When ANC is on, any external sounds are almost completely blocked. You can only distinguish between loud and clear voices, which, although they sound nearby, are perceived as noises emanating from afar.

The wind can also affect the functionality. This is irrelevant. In addition, it should be understood that the HONOR Magic Earbuds are not a full-size model. Don't expect anything supernatural from them.

HONOR Magic Earbuds support AAC and SBC codecs. Even a music lover can enjoy music of any genre. The sound here is spacious, which is facilitated by a special in-channel architecture. Its presence favorably distinguishes the device from the general range of analogues that have nothing like this.

Low frequencies are of good quality, high frequencies "sand" a little. If you turn the headphones on at full volume, you can hear a small hum coming from the antiphase signal.

Connect to smartphone, control

In order to configure Magic Earbuds to work together with a mobile device, you need to open the charging case.


After that, you need to click on the button located next to the charging connector. At this time, a diode inside the case will work, which will begin to flash white. This indicates pairing mode is active.

After that, the headphones will appear in the Bluetooth settings menu of the phone or tablet. Owners of such a device recommend installing the HUAWEI AI Life app in order to be able to configure the accessory or update the firmware. It also allows you to monitor the charge level of each of your headphones or case.

Device management is easy. For example, to pause / play music, double click on the left earphone. The same actions for the right one allow you to flip through the tracks.

Those who like to use one earbud will appreciate this opportunity. It is not available on every such device.

Equipment and autonomy

The case has an ascetic design. This is especially noticeable in the white version of the product. The blue color is expected to appear on the market, but it will surely appeal only to the female sex.

Magic Earbuds are in-ear format. This adds a secure fit in the ears. It is gratifying that the product is protected from splashes and dust according to the requirements of the IP55 standard. They are also equipped with optical sensors that stop playback immediately after removing from the ears.

The headphones have a comfortable fit. The set includes three additional sets of attachments of different diameters to increase the level of comfort to the maximum.

The autonomy of the device is 3 hours. If you do not use the noise reduction mode, then it will be 3.5 hours. Using the case increases this time by almost four times.


Thus, the total battery life of Magic Earbuds is more than 13 hours. Corrections can only be made by using noise reduction modes.

The gadget supports the functionality of the Quick Charge functionality. This allows them to listen to music for 90 minutes after charging for only 15 minutes.

It takes a little over an hour to fully restore the reserves of lost energy. The case charges in about the same time. If the paired device is equipped with the EMUI 10.0 interface, then the charge window appears, reflecting its level. It is convenient and pleasant.


The earbuds are shaped like in-ear (TWS) earbuds. They are wireless, signal transmission is provided by the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. A USB Type-C connector is used for charging. In addition to the active noise cancellation system, the device is equipped with support for voice commands, fast charging, IP55 protection. The weight of one earphone is 5.5 grams, the whole set (with a case) is 51 grams.


The HONOR Magic Earbuds wireless gadget is sure to become a popular device. Now, not many TWS models are capable of simultaneously boasting active noise cancellation and sane sound.

The headset has a comfortable fit, good battery life. This increases its chances of being used as a product for everyday use. An added bonus is alignment with the brand's ecosystem, which includes a ton of devices from the Chinese manufacturer. They can be connected using just one application.

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