Fable IV, WHO Recognized Gambling Addiction as a Disease, Teaser for New Death Stranding Trailer - This week's Gaming News Digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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Fable IV, WHO Recognized Gambling Addiction as a Disease, Teaser for New Death Stranding Trailer - This week's Gaming News Digest from Cadelta. Part one


Also read in the digest: Artifact regained its popularity with the help of the Nazis and anime, the remake of "Pestilence" turned out to be too difficult, the new gameplay of The Surge 2.

Gamers have found another hint of the announcement of Fable IV

The Fable series has long been resting in another world. Or not already? Lately, fans of the series have been getting excited about the rumors of a sequel to come. For example, last week we got insights about E3 2019, where it was said that Microsoft is announcing the game.

And at the beginning of the week, on Microsoft's streaming platform Mixer, one of the Reddit users discovered that if you put the word Fable into a search, the search engine will suggest Fable IV as an option.


Presumably, the continuation of the beloved fairy tale from Peter Molyneux is being developed by the Playground Game, which previously worked on Forza Horizone. We've known for a long time that the studio is developing some kind of action RPG together with some of the staff from BioWare and Rocksteady.

Outcomes of the WHO meeting: Play disorder recognized as a disease

Last week we wrote that at the WHO conference ICD 11 [the list of the international classification of diseases] will be revised and gambling disorder has every chance of becoming a disease. And so it happened.

Gambling addiction is now described as: a model of game behavior, when control over the game is violated, giving it more time than other interests and daily activities, as well as continuing the game activity, despite the appearance of any consequences.

WHO experts argue that this concept applies to you if games significantly affect your daily activities and interfere with relationships in your personal life, work or study. This disorder has been observed for 12 months.

We came to this conclusion after experts from different spheres unanimously agreed that the facts they have are completely reliable. They also believe that including gambling disorder on this list will help prevent people from developing it in advance. ICD 11 will enter into force only in 2022.

In any case, we will prepare for the fact that populists and opponents of games in the near future will frantically rejoice and shout with foam at the mouth that games are evil.

Recall that before that, various representatives of the gaming industry from around the world have asked WHO not to include the disorder in this list. For example, South Korean researchers argue that the economy of their country due to this decision could miss almost $ 9 billion.

Kojima teases new Death Stranding trailer

On Monday, Hideo Kojima tweeted a rather bizarre Death Stranding teaser that includes the slogan “create a rope”.


Let's remind that earlier our favorite genius told that the game works on the principle of "stick and rope". The stick is the very first tool tamed by man. She helped him dig, and also defend himself from everything bad. The rope, on the other hand, has helped keep humanity close to good things. Well, Death Stranding is about that, good and bad things.

After, he published information that the new trailer will be shown on May 29. And it is logical, since Sony decided to profile E3 this year, they want to do some fun before the information boom begins.


Artifact made a comeback with Nazis and anime

Artifact is almost dying and we all understand that. However, suddenly on Twitch, Artifact resurrected and burst into the top of the most popular section on the site. And it's not about gameplay broadcasts at all.

So, on the section of the CCG from Valv on Twitch, that devilry was going on: users wanted to play LOL, history lessons about the Third Reich, screens of the last "Avengers", watched "Star Wars" and anime. More, some users have streamed porn and other infringing content on this page.

Such forbidden broadcasts were immediately banned by the site moderators, but some things did not have time to block right away. Thus, the massacre in New Zealand, which took place in mid-March, was shown as much as 20 minutes.


So that the site administration could not immediately see through the rofl, some pranksters signed their videos as “broadcasting the game in Artifact” and “playing DLC for Artifact”.

This performance continues to this day, but the number of viewers has dropped to only a few thousand.

The new "Blight" turned out to be more difficult than we thought. Developers will introduce new difficulty levels

Last week the first story of the new "Mora" was released. The game turned out to be more difficult than its predecessor. Players started asking developers to somehow reduce the difficulty, and they responded.


Ice-Pick Lodge reports that they will introduce difficulty selection in 2-3 weeks. According to them, the system will be flexible enough to customize the game for themselves. At the same time, the authors do not advise playing on the easiest difficulty, since in many ways the atmosphere is tied precisely to the difficult gameplay. They explained how it works:

  • As planned, the player should always be on the verge of death, but he has the ability to go back a few saves.
  • For the sake of survival, the player will have to skip some plot elements and feel a lack of in-game time. Each playthrough will not be perfect.
  • The game is designed to make the player selfish and wrong. For example, he took medication that another NPC needs.

Recall that "Mor" has already been released on Steam and has good ratings. If you are not afraid of difficulties - go for it.

New Gameplay The Surge 2

Rock Paper Shotgun shared the gameplay of The Surge 2 in 11 minutes. The author of the video emphasized the dismemberment of enemies. The GG can aim at any limb, and if he chops off it, it will increase the likelihood of valuable loot falling out. At this time, we will have a slowmo with the juiciest perspective.

According to the author, the enemies have grown wiser since the time of the first part: they can attack in pairs, alternate melee and ranged attacks.

The sequel takes place in a city called Jericho City. It will be open and non-linear. Therefore, you can go to any part of the map, even the most difficult, to find top equipment.

The game will be released on PC, PS4 and Xone this year.

This was all the important news from the beginning of the week. Stay tuned.

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