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What do we expect from E3 2019? Highlights


Already next Monday, one of the main events in the gaming industry will begin - E3 2019. And although some companies and studios decided not to attend this event, 80% of major industry representatives will attend it. We decided to systematize what we expect from E3 in 2019.

New Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 Trailer and More World of Darkness Details

Nowadays the games on the "World of Darkness" enter into a kind of Renaissance. Largely thanks to Paradox Interactive, which are responsible for Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2. We are given plenty of information, for example, recently the studio finished listing the clans that will be in the game at the start. We wrote about all of them, if you haven't seen, please follow the link.

In general, the action will unfold in Seattle. We play as only a converted weakblood vampire, and we ourselves choose his backstory. The storyline gameplay promises to stretch for 30 hours.

Another recently announced game based on the "World of Darkness" Werewolf: The Apocalypse, where we will play as a werewolf, should also be brought to the exhibition. We must also tell you about the fresh announcement of Vampire: The Masquerade — Coteries of New York.

Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date & New Trailer

We recently wrote that according to Jason Schreier's leaks, Cyberpunk 2077 will be released only next year, but not this one. However, we are still eagerly awaiting more details and a release date. Also, not so long ago [a couple of months ago], one of the game's developers revealed that the game is significantly different today from what we were shown in last year's trailer for the game and 48 minutes of gameplay. In addition, studio CEO Adam Kicinski named E3 2019 the most important in the studio's history. Poles are not used to throwing words around.

New Doom Eternal Trailer

The developers feed us with promises that they are not just creating a sequel and reviving the series, but developing a whole universe that will constantly grow. So far we know that Doom Eternal will definitely throw us new enemies, weapons and even more meat and tin.

New Fable

As a fan of the series, I never imagined that I would ever see the continuation of the legendary Fable. The reason for this is simple - she has long been dead. However, according to recent leaks, which we wrote about not so long ago, Mikromyagkie are already developing a full-fledged continuation of the tale that Peter Molyneux once conceived.


Another Big Death Stranding Trailer

Sony is missing the conference this year, but Kojima Genius-san is not. In fact, he alone is enough to plunge us into delight. Death Stranding has not yet been released, but it has already become a cult game that is being discussed all over the world. After posting the trailer in eight minutes, we hope to see the trailer even longer. We've been waiting too long for any information.


Details of the new Xbox

Asking the question: "What do we want from E3 at the Microsoft presentation?", the answer is, of course, details about the next console. We all know perfectly well that Microsoft lost the console battle this time around. But very soon the company can rehabilitate itself with its new colossus, which may well be announced at E3, while the main competitor is cooling off in Japan. I myself am more of a Sonya lover, but I am waiting for Microsoft's response because competition always has a good effect on products that are produced to please consumers.


New Watch Dogs Announcement

The first game was blatantly fake. Boring, with bad graphics, and even presented as a masterpiece. The next part was one level higher. I really liked the atmosphere and also the way San Francisco was recreated. Taking into account the work on bugs that Yubisoft carried out, it is highly likely that the third part, if announced, of course, will be very cool and fill the temporary void in the soul until the new GTA is released.


Square Enix Conference

Information about the Square Enix conference is still scarce. At least according to rumors, Final Fantasy VII Remake awaits us. It is known for sure that the studio is preparing a cinematic game based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This information was confirmed by Disney itself.


New FromSoftware Project

Back in the past year, FromSoftware's head of studio Hidetaki Miyazaki said that they had a few more trump cards up their sleeve in the form of unannounced games. There are a lot of rumors around one of them. By leaps, at the exhibition we will be shown a game in the style of Dark Souls, which will come to fans much more than Sekiro. The game will have a fantasy setting.

It is known that the author of "Game of Thrones" last year advised the studio on a project in a medieval setting. George R.R. Martin didn't talk specifically about FromSoftware, but the community is pretty sure that they were.

According to rumors, the scene will resemble Scandinavia. We will be able to ride on horseback through the open world and kill local monarchs.


Details of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

There have not been any high-quality, story-driven Star Wars projects for a long time. We only get online donated shooters like the latest Battlefront. This is why everyone was so excited by the announcement of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order that it could take the place of the spiritual successor to Star Wars 1313, which we will never see.

More Borderlands 3!

And where there is no board! Expectations of E3 this year are impossible without the Borderlands triquel. We already know quite a lot about the game, but it's never too late to share more. For example, to confirm the rumor about a new storyline DLC for the second part, which will link the plot of the last game and the new one.


The Outer Worlds Trailer and Release Date

We have seen gameplay trailers, heard about the grotesque capitalist world of the game. We do not mind finding out more details in the latest trailer, as well as the release date of this project.


Battletoads Gameplay

Also, according to recent leaks about the exhibition, at E3 2019 it is worth waiting for the gameplay of Battletoads - a remake of the classic game on the NES. Although, who knows, maybe this is not a remake, because we have nothing but a picture with the inscription Battletoads 2019, which we were shown at last year's exhibition. We are waiting for gameplay, or at least something.


These were the main points that we want to see at E3 2019

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