Rumors of E3 2019 Coming, Dying Borderlands Fan To Play Triquel Before Release, Red Dead Online Horse Genocide - This week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one (Topic)

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Rumors of E3 2019 Coming, Dying Borderlands Fan To Play Triquel Before Release, Red Dead Online Horse Genocide - This week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part one


Also in our digest: features in WoW Classic are similar to bugs, video game disorder can be considered a disease, Sony is going to make films based on their games.

Cyberpunk 2077 release date, new projects by Capcom, the next part of Fable - a lot of rumors about E3 2019 and possible announcements

NeoGAF forum user under the nickname Braldryr recently dumped a whole bunch of information about what we will see at one of the largest gaming exhibitions this year. “Where's the proofs, Billy? We need proofs! " - you say. Well, he claims to have many acquaintances in the gaming industry, especially Microsoft.

However, he says that you can't trust him one hundred percent, because the studios' plans for E3 can always change. Therefore, he divided all the information into four parts: "what exactly will happen", "what has a high probability of happening", "unlikely" and "definitely will not happen"


We'll see for sure:

  • Release Date & New Halo Infinite Trailer
  • Cyberpunk 2077 New Gameplay and Release Date
  • Fifth part of Gears of War, + demo walkthrough
  • New Information on The Outer Words and Release Date, Next Gameplay Trailer
  • A new game from Ninja Theory called Bleedind Edge [rumored to be a co-op sci-fi shooter]
  • Restart of the Fable franchise - the author says it is 100% confirmed.
  • Battlеtoads - the game was announced back in 2018 and now we will see exactly what it will look like.

Chances are:

  • MechAssault / Mech Game Announcement
  • Announcing a new part of Forza Motorsport


  • New AAA game from Capcom - Braldryr admits to not knowing any facts about what awaits us.
  • More Japanese projects - After last year's E3, where Microsoft represented many Japanese projects, they are going to continue this trend.

Unlikely :

Perfect Dark Reboot is a reboot of the franchise, but now in the first person, not the third, as it was before. The game is not created by Rare, but by Dlala Studios, also engaged in Battlеtoads. Rare are just controlling development. In any case, the game will have to wait a long time.


New Studios - The author of the article says that he heard about three studios that Microsoft wants to pocket for itself.

What will not happen:

It was rumored that CD Projekt Red and Creative Assembly might be bought, but the author claims they are not for sure.

A dying Borderlands fan will be the first to lose the new game

In the world of games, unfortunately, there are often stories about people with fatal diseases who are afraid not to live until the continuation of their favorite game is released. You might remember, for example, the boy Wes, who became the first player in Fallout 76 after Bethesda found out he might not live to see release.

A similar story happened with 26-year-old Trevor Eastman. He recently wrote a post on Reddit where he talked a little about his fate. A year ago, he was diagnosed with cancer of the liver, stomach and esophagus, predicting a year of life. As evidence, he attached photos of hospital documents.


He is a huge fan of Borderlands, but will likely not live to see release, and is looking for a way to play triquel sooner. Once again, the power of the internet helped the dream come true. The story went down to the great and terrible Randy Pitchford. The guy has already been contacted by a representative of 2K Games, and promised the gamer that they will provide him with a copy of the game in early June.

Horses Genocide In Red Dead Online

Wow, headline like in a real crime chronicle! Players in Red Dead Online stumbled upon a strange pile of horse corpses. At first, one player found it and thought that he just had a bug, as a result, other players stumbled upon this horse mess.

This is most likely a common bug, but gamers would not be themselves if they had not started to put forward different theories. So, one of them is a historical easter egg from the developers. Allegedly, a certain Charles Winchester hammered 30 black horses in 1889, after a man on a black horse stole a jewel from his sick wife. And supposedly so Charles took revenge on ... horses? What? Not the point. The Rockstars have not yet commented on this burial.

"Not a bug, but a feature!" - players mistook WoW Classic features for bugs in the game

WoW Classic is beta testing now. The bearded players who were playing this MMORPG 13 years ago began to gradually realize that their beloved WoW was not perfect. So, many of the features of the game, which the developers introduced for authenticity, were perceived by the test participants as bugs, and began to send complaints to Blizzard. For you to understand, there were so many complaints that Blizzard compiled a whole list of features that are not bugs. Among them there are such as:

  • Goals and objectives of quests are not tracked on the minimap.
  • All npc or players start to run faster under fear.
  • Low level quests are not displayed on the map as "!".


You can find the full list here.

WHO may recognize video game disorder as a disease

This week, from 20 to 28 May, a conference of the World Health Organization is taking place in Geneva. One of the points that will be considered by scientists and doctors is the classification of diseases of the ICD 11.

Video game disorder is also on the list. If it is recognized as an official disease, then we will not have the best outcome. First, opponents of games will begin to use this to promote the "game is evil" doctrine. Secondly, according to the forecasts of South Korean scientists, the economies of many countries could suffer if sanctions are imposed on games after the recognition of video game disorder as a disease. But, gamers will be able to take a sick leave and be treated, justifying themselves by the fact that they are sick. Something like that.

Sony will be filming its games

The company recently established PlayStation Productions, a studio that will develop the company's extensive catalog of video games for film and television. It will be overseen by Sean Laiden, Chairman of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, and will be chaired by Assad Kizilbash, Vice President of PlayStation.

According to him, the company consulted for a long time on this decision with the head of the Marvel studio Kevin Feige, who was able to turn the previously failed genre of superheroics into the dominant in the film market.


Today Sonya has hundreds of different titles, and according to Laiden, many filmmakers have become gamers themselves. Previously, directors could not grasp the essence of the game, since they did not play the title for 80 hours. Today, Sony wants to fix this, as they involve people who love video games, who can convey the essence of this or that project.

Movies and TV series will be released in between the release of new games from the company.

This was all news from the beginning of the week, stay tuned.

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