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TOP 10 cool games of the decade, which were deprived of attention


Over the past 10 years, you can remember a lot of good games that have left a significant mark on the history of the gaming industry and the hearts of gamers. Many of the game releases quite rightly fall into all sorts of tops of the best games, but there are also those that, for a number of reasons, were undeservedly not widely popular. It's time to do a little justice, so in today's top of the game we will recall 10 cool games that were deprived of attention.

Note that this time the numbering of all games in the top is completely arbitrary and each project deserves the utmost attention.

10. The Talos Principle

Croatian studio Croteam became famous for developing the Serious Sam series of meat shooters, which fit the description of "spinal shooters" in which thinking is the last thing required of the player. And it was all the more surprising to meet their new game The Talos Principle. The game is infinitely far from the canons of Serious Sam and is a puzzle with a plot in the style of a philosophical parable.


Taking the Greek myth about the first man-made life form Talos as a basis, the writers Tom Joubert and Jonas Kyratzes managed to weave several fundamental philosophical ideas in a playful way: from the nature of reality and the possibility of knowing objective reality, to questions about the essence of God and Buddhist views on rebirth. With its powerful intellectual message and an abundance of challenging puzzles, The Talos Principle is a real treat for those players who prefer to use their brains in addition to their spinal cord.

9. Binary Domain

Japanese action Binary Domain is an amazing game. Whoever you ask, you will almost always hear only compliments addressed to Binary Domain, but at the same time the game managed to fail in sales and was crushed to smithereens by Western gaming media. A glaring injustice, because even after almost 8 years, Binary Domain remains a unique action game that has embodied innovative ideas, an intriguing plot with philosophical notes, vivid characters and extremely adrenaline-filled gameplay with bosses claiming to be works of art.


The gameplay foundation of Binary Domain is based on the formula of the usual TPS with shelters, but not without several innovations that refresh the process of shooting computer dummies. First of all, you can remember the possibility of giving voice instructions and the system of relations between the members of your team. Depending on the player's actions, the character of the party members changes, which is reflected both in the gameplay and the plot, opening new dialogues and one of several endings. And for dessert - Binary Domain is not devoid of a share of Japanese madness, which favorably distinguishes the game from the typical, as if off the assembly line, Western action games.

8. The Last Guardian

When it comes to the best Playstation 4 escalations, players think of Bloodborne, God of War and Uncharted 4 and often ignore The Last Guardian. We believe this is a completely unfair phenomenon, because despite the technical problems, The Last Guardian, like Fumito Ueda's other projects, is capable of striking the heart like lightning, forcing to describe vivid emotions from the game in paints and search for Trico figures on Ebay.


The Last Guardian, thanks to a charming story comparable to the work of Hayao Miyazaki, is equally suitable for almost all gamers, regardless of age. The relationship of a boy lost in the ancient city and a giant beast with feline habits Trico successfully presses on the main emotional points, due to which The Last Guardian can become one of the most vivid gaming impressions of recent years. Of course, provided that you can put up with frequent FPS drops, sometimes reaching slow-mo.

7. Split / Second: Velocity

Continuing our top cool games arcade race Split / Second: Velocity, which has become the swan song of the developers from Black Rock Studio. Like other projects from the late studio, Split / Second: Velocity offered a unique take on arcade racing and was able to deliver a dose of adrenaline along with fresh emotions within the conservative racing genre. The main feature of the game is the ability to activate traps on the tracks, turning the levels into a real military training ground, sparkling from explosions of pyrotechnics and pleasing the eardrums with the rumble of twisted metal to a lively soundtrack.


Deep story and Split / Second: Velocity are two things that are infinitely far from each other. The scenario in the game is only used as an attempt to justify the madness happening on the screen, and this is already not bad, because by entrusting the player with the role of a racer in a spectacular survival show, he is allowed to drop a passenger Boeing on the track, ride a giant cargo tanker across the level and do other atrocities worthy of the best ribbons Michael Bey.

6. Echo

Echo is one of the main indie gems of 2017, which has received little attention from the gaming community. In theory, the game has all the constituent successes: a sci-fi plot with philosophical notes and a cold atmosphere of loneliness in a mysterious world, a catchy design reminiscent of a futuristic version of the baroque and unique game mechanics. If you were looking for a fresh sensation, then the Echo, created by the former developers of the Hitman series, will fully satisfy your thirst for original projects.


The main enemy here is impersonal and does not make pretentious speeches, because the levels themselves, the walls of the palace surrounding you, act as the antagonist, which each time adjusts to the player's behavior. The copies of the protagonist that flooded the palace at the initial stages do not pose any threat, but the longer you play, the more sophisticated ways of passing you use, the more actively enemies, like echoes, begin to repeat your actions, making each game session unique.

5. Bioshock 2

When it comes to largely forgotten, but cool PC games, it's a sin not to remember Bioshock 2. The sequel got lost in the shadow of its eminent predecessor for a number of reasons, among which are often called the lack of novelty, a slightly less gloomy atmosphere and the lack of a complex plot that lifted original Bioshock on a pedestal of intelligent shooters. But instead of the plot complexity came simplicity, which is not at all a drawback, because the story of Big Daddy and the grown-up Little Sister turned out to be more personal and due to which it can leave a warm mark in the hearts of the players.


Unlike the plot, the gameplay in Bioshock 2, on the contrary, has become deeper than the original, bringing the game closer to the best representatives of the Immersive Sim genre. Along with the permission to use the main character with two hands at once, the developers did not forget to add even more all kinds of plasmids and tonics, providing an impressive scope of opportunities for passing levels.

4. Driver: San Francisco

Good story-driven racing games can be counted on the fingers of one hand, and given the fact that the genre is almost completely extinct today, the excellent Driver: San Francisco deserves a separate mention. The plot of the plot already in the first minutes surprises with a non-standard approach: the main character (aka a policeman named Tanner) after an accident falls into a coma, leaving the criminal free. Apparently, Tanner's thirst for justice is so great that he, in the role of an ethereal spirit, gets the opportunity to enter the bodies of drivers, wanting to catch up with the offender and finish the main thing in his police career.


It is the mechanics of injecting other characters into the bodies of the game that favorably distinguishes the game from competitors and unties the hands of developers to create non-stop races, where even an accident and driving in the style of kamikaze opens up new ways to solve problems. In addition, Driver: San Francisco is full of humor and unexpected stories, offering to move into the bodies of the inhabitants of San Francisco and solve the typical problems of the inhabitants of the metropolis.

3. Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs looks like another GTA clone when you look at it. Before us is another variation of the open world, albeit this time in the scenery of Hong Kong, and another story about the confrontation between the police and criminal gangs. But where Grand Theaft Auto offers a satire of American culture, Sleeping Dogs is heading for dark storytelling. At the same time, the United Front Games project does not suffer from the plot sagging typical of Rockstar in the middle of the game and gives the opportunity to become a double agent trying to maneuver between the tasks of a police officer and the bloody everyday life of a triad member.


The role of the double agent is reflected in the gameplay as well, counting points for each performed action and opening the way to two branches of pumping: a policeman and a criminal. Another important difference from GTA is the emphasis of the combat system on hand-to-hand combat inspired by the Batman Arkham series and the vivid action scenes in the style of John Woo films.

2. TitanFall 2

If I were asked to name the best storyline company in Call of Duty over the past 10 years, my choice would, oddly enough, at TitanFall 2. Studio Respawn, founded by immigrants from Infinity Ward and created the Call of Duty series, managed to clearly show how the story mode should be in first-person cinematic action films. TitanFall 2 is like a roller coaster ride with each new mission, giving a unique experience, mixing spectacular explosions with tactical battles and unusual game mechanics. Perfect, varied, and most importantly, an intelligent ride that could do without the ridiculous cranberry of a competitor.


And the sad thing is that the whole TitanFall series is dominated by evil fate, which led to disappointing sales of both the first part and the many times improved second part. Of course, after the success of Apex Legends, TitanFall 2 begins to receive attention from gamers, but it is clearly not enough for the ovation that a creation of Respawn really deserves.

1. Pathologic 2

Mention Pathologic 2 is the best way to close the top of the coolest games that have been deprived of attention. The tragic fate of the game, which after the release led to the almost complete bankruptcy of Ice-Pick Lodge, does not seem to be something entirely unexpected. Technical errors on the release are just the tip of the iceberg that pushed gamers away from the brainchild of USA developers. The very uncomfortable world of Pathologic 2, an abundance of allegories and metaphors that bring the project closer to an art house, the painful atmosphere of a city choking with plague, and extraordinary complexity are integral parts of the game. It seems that if Pathologic 2 had a financial success, it would be a real miracle. But the miracle did not happen.


And nevertheless, Pathologic 2, which is a remake of the Mor (Utopia) game, is a unique project. He will not forgive you for mistakes, he will hurt you and cause discomfort, putting pressure on the psyche with entourage and moral dilemmas. However, in return, it will give you fresh gaming experiences and a world that, for all its madness, will want to return again.

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