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Craziest Game Records - Top 10 Best Gamer Records


The love of mankind for various types of competitions is boundless, which is clearly seen both in the centuries-old tradition of sporting events and in the collection of gaming records, which is replenished with unusual achievements every day. The main goal of the records is to prove to others, and especially to yourself, that nothing is impossible, and at the same time to fix your name on the pages of history. Sometimes, I must admit, gamers go too far and risk their own health set nothing other than insane game records. We will tell you about the 10 most reckless and impressive records in detail.

Players set records guided by a variety of goals: from a desire to prove their own worth and enter the pages of history, to an attempt to draw public attention to pressing social problems. In any case, following the game records is an impressive sight, as you can see in Alice's new video:

To summarize, we summarize the most popular types of game records:

  • Speedrun is a fast paced gameplay that can be completely fair, or with the use of various game bugs and exploits.
  • Marathons for the longest gaming session, when the player, who does not care about his own health, plays the game nonstop for several tens of hours.
  • Achievements in which gamers play games in unusual conditions. For example, using musical objects as a game controller or completely turning the game upside down, radically changing the game rules.

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