Inside # 08.08: the debut of the Snapdragon 732G processor; Redmi headphones; Enjoy 20 smartphone; washing machine Xiaomi (Topic)

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Inside # 08.08: the debut of the Snapdragon 732G processor; Redmi headphones; Enjoy 20 smartphone; washing machine Xiaomi


In this newsletter from network whistleblowers, we first talk about the prospects for the new chipset from Qualcomm, which will be the first to receive the new Pocophone brand. Then we will find out the nuances of equipping Redmi wired headphones and HUAWEI smartphone. At the end of the review, let's talk about a washing machine made by the Chinese Xiaomi. It has some interesting features.

Snapdragon 732G will provide better performance than its predecessor

Chipset maker Qualcomm is expanding its presence in the low-cost processor market. The generally recognized flagship Snapdragon 865 Plus has a high cost, so along with it, the more affordable Snapdragon 765G has become attractive to smartphone developers. It is actively installed in many models, we have already mentioned the use of this chip in the advanced OnePlus Nord.

Recently it became known about the imminent debut of another processor - Snapdragon 732G, which will be the first to receive a device from Pocophone.


Qualcomm is positioning it as a device capable of delivering decent performance at an affordable price.

In terms of technical characteristics, the new product does not differ much from the previous version - Snapdragon 730G. The main advantages of the new processor are due to the introduction of two improvements. They relate to the Prime core, the clock speed of which is increased to 2.3 GHz and the Adreno 618 graphics accelerator. Its capabilities are improved by 15%. How this became possible has not yet been reported.

All other characteristics are the same as in the previous version.

Experts believe that the Snapdragon 732G is focused on gaming as it received some of the gaming features of the Snapdragon Elite. In particular, it became known that this chip supports Qualcomm Game Jank Reducer, Vulkan 1.1 Graphics Drive, True HDR and anti-cheat extensions.

Insiders said that the first device to receive this interesting processor will be a smartphone from the Pocophone brand. However, neither the Americans nor their Chinese counterparts have disclosed information about this device yet. The name of the new item, its cost, date of announcement, technical characteristics are not yet known.

Redmi will reveal new wired headphones soon

It became known that a presentation of new wired Earphones will take place in the Indian division of Redmi the other day. It is an inexpensive device that features a classic 3.5mm audio jack with L-shaped plug for easy connection to a smartphone.

A teaser advertising the new product was posted online. After viewing it, it becomes clear that the gadget will begin to sell in cases of one of two colors: red or blue.

This information was confirmed by the famous Indian insider Ishan Agarwal. It was he who first announced the name of the headphones.

Each new headphone will be equipped with a driver with a diameter of 10 mm. It is already known that the gadget has passed the Hi-Res Audio certification.

Experts believe that the Chinese manufacturer did not accidentally choose a country like India for presentation. It is in developing countries that such accessories are in good demand. The appearance on the market of Redmi Earphones will bring the competition in this niche to a new level.

Enjoy 20 smartphone will be equipped with a powerful battery and fast charging

In three days, the presentation of the new mid-budget smartphone HUAWEI Enjoy 20 will take place. This was recently announced by the Chinese company. The main advantage of the model will be the presence of a 5G modem, which allows the device to work in fifth generation networks.


Together with the basic version, they will show a more advanced one, which has the Plus prefix in the name.

On the teaser published on the network, it is easy to see the back of the novelty. Both models will be equipped with triple camera units. Only one has a round shape, while the other has a square one.

From early leaks, it was revealed that both devices will receive 6.6-inch screens and 5000 mAh batteries. The latter will be capable of supporting fast charging up to 40W.

There is no information about other specifications and prices for the devices yet.

Xiaomi washing machine will receive an integrated dryer

Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi will soon expand its product range with a washing machine, which will be announced soon.


The new device will receive a more powerful and quieter motor, an integrated dryer for clothes. All this corresponds to the higher energy efficiency class A +.

The manufacturer declares that during the drying process, the laundry will be additionally disinfected. As a result, up to 99.9% of all microbes are destroyed.

Among the information on other specifications of the device, it is worth highlighting the presence of 22 drying and washing modes, which can be controlled both in manual mode and using a smartphone. The maximum spin speed is 1400 rpm. This is not a record, but a good enough indicator.

Estimated cost of the device is about $ 400.

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