Insider # 11.04: about Galaxy Tab S5 and Snapdragon 735. About 5G version of iPhone and Redmi Y3 (Topic)

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Insider # 11.04: about Galaxy Tab S5 and Snapdragon 735. About 5G version of iPhone and Redmi Y3


In this episode of insiders, we will tell you about the tablet from Samsung, the development of the line of mid-power Snapdragon chipsets. We will also discuss the prospects for the appearance of a 5G version of the iPhone and testing the device from Redmi.

A new Samsung tablet will be announced this summer

The TechRadar portal has posted information on the flagship tablet of Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 on its resources. According to the source, this device will be the most advanced, surpassing the capabilities of the Galaxy Tab S4 and Galaxy Tab S5e, which were recently presented.

The Galaxy Tab S5 is said to be equipped with an 11.5-inch Super AMOLED display, supporting HDR10 + and Dolby Vision standards. The body of the device will receive thin frames. It is assumed that the fingerprint scanner will be integrated into the display of the gadget.

At the heart of its hardware stuffing will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. It has high performance indicators, most likely this will contribute to maintaining Wi-Fi 6 and, possibly, even 5G networks. If the latter is confirmed, the Korean company will be the first to launch such a tablet into a series.


Also, the gadget will receive a stylus S Pen, there is a possibility that the model will be newer. It is also reported that the gadget will be equipped with a capacious battery, which will allow the use of Wireless PowerShare technology. This is a reversible charging function that allows not only receiving, but also giving off some of the energy.

In other words, the Galaxy Tab S5 will be a great charger for smaller gadgets. It is expected to be announced later this summer with a starting price of $ 650 US

New chip from Snapdragon will allow low-cost smartphones to get 5G modems

High-end processor manufacturer Qualcomm has announced its desire to actively promote the development of its line of mid-range Snapdragon 730 chipsets.

Recently, SuggestPhone published information about the imminent announcement of the Snapdragon 735 processor. It does not have any super-powerful characteristics like the Snapdragon 855, but it comes with 5G modem integration capabilities that support the next generation of networks.

Thanks to this, this company will be the first to enter the market of low-cost smartphones that support the 5G protocol.


Snapdragon 735 will receive eight cores built on a 7 nm process technology. Their operating frequency will be in the range from 1.6 to 2.9 GHz. For the graphic part, Adreno 620 will be responsible.

This chipset has 20% better performance than the 710 model and is 50% more energy efficient. The product will be able to work with 12 GB of RAM and a resolution of 3360x1440 pixels. Also, the Snapdragon 735 processor will be equipped with an integrated machine learning unit, an integrated modem that allows you to reduce the thickness of devices.

Most likely smartphones based on the 735 model will appear in the second half of next year.

Apple to release 5G iPhone next year

One of the insider portals provided data indicating Apple's desire to begin converting its products to 5G modems.

In 2020, this firm will complete its smartphones with parts from Samsung and Qualcomm. At the same time, it is explained that they will choose one or another chipset, focusing on the sales region of the future device.


Redmi Y3 tested on Geekbench

The Geekbench benchmark database was updated a few days ago. The results of testing the new smartphone Redmi Y3 appeared there.


As a result of this event, the device scored 1236 and 4213 points in single-core and multi-core tests, respectively. Interestingly, the listed processor is Qualcomm, code number msm895. Found to be Snapdragon 625.

Previously, Redmi 7 with Snapdragon 632 chip was tested on this mobile platform. There is a possibility that the processor model was incorrectly determined by the benchmark. A more advanced device cannot be equipped with a less powerful chipset.

The Redmi Y3 smartphone will be equipped with 3 GB of RAM, a 32 megapixel selfie camera (Samsung ISOCELL Bright GD1) and a good 4000 mAh battery. When the announcement of the new product is not specified, the cost and other technical data are also not known.

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