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Top 20 best TV series about parallel worlds and worlds of the future according to KinoPoisk rating


Our today's top 20 series includes franchises that describe the futuristic world of the future, or a parallel world similar to ours, but deviating either towards progress, or towards regression, or even towards mystics.

Some clarifications

But, meanwhile, this list of serials does not contain frankly fantasy, in which magicians, elves, gnomes and other "content" appear. We did not include serials about space here either. They have a separate top 15. You won't find time travel here either. They are in this top. As well as about time loops. They are here. There are no worlds of apocalypse and post-apocalypse in the style of Stephen King's "Confrontation" or Mad Max's Marvel universe. They will have their tops in the near future, both by TV series and by full lengths.

But even in our targeted top, you will find many interesting franchises for yourself, especially since we included only those tapes in the KinoPoisk rating that are above 6.5. And this means that any of them will please even not a special fan of science fiction.

So, into battle!

1. Stranger Things (2016 -...)

Netflix TV channel (USA). KP rating 8.5.

Filmed 2 seasons. Status: Break.

Three boys sat up late at a friend's house, but now it's time to go home. As it turned out later, only two arrived at their place of residence. The third one has mysteriously disappeared. The poor mother, desperate to wait for a stir from the police, herself begins to investigate. But later, on the other hand, the sheriff also joined this investigation, faced with such a thing that made his hair stand on end.

Why can a healthy man's hair stand on end? Need to look. And for the sake of interest, we add that the little boy really leaked into an eerie parallel world, from where a girl with superpowers seeps to replace him. In addition, a top-secret research center is located nearby, in which experiments are performed on people. In general, it certainly won't be boring!

2. Black Mirror (2011 -...)

Channel 4 (England). KP rating 8.5.

Filmed 4 seasons. Status: Break.

All four seasons of the series are sets of feature films that are completely unrelated to each other. Yes, yes, full-length full-length films, since each such tape is more than 60 minutes long. And all the films have one thing in common: they show what will happen to humanity in the future.

Some cover the problems arising with the development of social networks, the second - the Internet in general, others are fixated on the latest developments in the field of technology and what they can lead to, the fourth raise issues of society, lifestyle, stratification of society, etc. All films are different and not everything may appeal to the general public. But they will definitely make you think.

Want to see where the world is heading? Then welcome to the worlds of "Black Mirror"!

3. Wild West World (2016 -...)

HBO TV Channel (USA). KP 8.1 rating.

Filmed 2 seasons. Status: Break.

From the first series of observation of the bullying of humanoid robots, completely indistinguishable in appearance and manners of thinking from people, you understand where everything is going in this strange future. Namely - to the uprising of these same robots.

Somewhere in the desert prairie region of the United States, one of the corporations built a whole world of the Wild West, inhabited by humanoid robots. From now on, in order to plunge into the atmosphere of the 19th century, you do not need to climb into a virtual machine. You can find yourself in it live.

Moreover, the population, that is, humanoid machines, recognize themselves as normal residents of the Wild West townships and do not suspect that they are machines. How do you like this alignment? Many people liked him. Join us too!

4. Twin Peaks (1990-2017)

ABC TV Channel (USA). KP 8.1 rating.

Filmed 3 seasons. Status: Completed.

At first glance, Twin Peaks is quite a prosperous town. They all look kind, and they live in perfect harmony. Until one fine moment the waves do not take out a drowned high school student, who turns out to be Laura Palmer. From that moment on, Agent Cooper and Sheriff Truman, delving into the local, seemingly quiet and prosperous, "human man", discover a lot of new things about the local inhabitants.

The whole action is covered with a veil of darkness and for a very long time it was not clear, so who killed Laura Palmer? And for how long, you can even smile. The break between seasons 2 and 3 of the series was as much as 15 years, and all this time people wondered, so who got this damn girl soaked, in the full sense of the word.

And it's not a fact that they decided to revive the series just because they finally explained the whole story to people. Yes, citizens, David Lynch is so ...

5. Lost room (2006)

Syfy TV Channel (USA). KP rating 8.0

Season 1 has been removed. Status: Completed.

In the early 60s, some figures decided to conduct a certain experiment in one of the motel rooms, during which a person from a parallel world infiltrated our world, and all things in this room began to possess magical properties.

And, which is typical, in our time, in which the events described in the series develop, this room no longer exists. But you can get into it if you have one of the magic objects - a key. Plugged into any keyhole, it opens the door only to this mysterious room, into which a person from a parallel world once moved, whose things have acquired magical properties in our world.

There are about or a little more than a hundred of them (things) (no one really knows). It can be anything: a clock, a pen, a hairbrush, a newspaper, a bus ticket, etc. There is a belief that if you collect all of them, you can command reality, or something like that. Is it true? Let's figure it out by looking at the masterpiece of American filmmakers.

And it all begins with the fact that detective Joe Miller, who does not believe in miracles, falls into the hands of this magic key, which is hunted by insidious people. He opens one of the doors that come up for them. Behind it, a mysterious motel room is discovered, time in which seems to have stood still. Here, at the moment of danger, his daughter runs in. The door slams shut behind her, but when Miller opens it again, the room is already empty. It turns out that after closing the door, all the objects left in the room disappear somewhere. Will the agent be able to get his daughter back?

Not every time Syfi TV channel manages to create a masterpiece. But this is exactly one of those rare cases.

6. Parallel Worlds / Sliding Worlds (1995-2000)

TV Channels FOX (1 and 2 seasons) and Syfy (others) (USA). KP rating 7.9.

Filmed 5 seasons. Status: Completed.

Mastering antigrav in his basement, Queen Melory had no idea what his discovery could result in. And it turned into big problems for him and several other future members of his kind of team, both who consciously took part in the experiment on sliding (moving from a parallel world to the world), and who were accidentally drawn into it.

Yes, the machine worked, but sent everyone to the world of eternal winter, in which they were waiting for death from an ice tornado. Quinn on his "remote" changes the time of return, only they are not moving to their world. And since then, their sliding across the worlds has no end and edge. Will they ever return to their homeworld? Let's not say ...

7. Eureka (2006-2012)

Syfy TV Channel (USA). KP rating 7.8

Filmed 5 seasons. Status: Completed.

Who would have thought that we have a secret city on Earth, which is hidden in Oregon under a kind of dome. Science has stepped far ahead there, and therefore life is completely different from our usual, which gave us the right to consider this place a kind of parallel isolated world.

But his isolation is imaginary. The Global Dynamics Corporation that founded it is under the auspices of the US Department of Defense. The city is the strictest secret, and they create things there, from which all living things can cease to exist at the moment. That is, people would not even understand where they were covered from at all.

Therefore, those who come across this city are dealt with quickly and on the spot. Once, while transporting his daughter (by the way, a criminal) on the coast of Los Angeles to his mother, he was accidentally stumbled upon by Justice Marshal Jack Carter. Now he and the scoundrel daughter will have to stay in this city forever. And how will everything go with them?

From now on they will only dream of peace!

8. Almost a man (2013-2014)

FOX TV Channel (USA). KP rating 7.7

Season 1 has been removed. Status: Completed.

In the near future, or rather, in 2048, humanoid robots will be given to help law enforcement agencies. It was at this time that John Cannex (Karl Urban) managed to work in the ranks of the police department.

It all starts with the fact that John, having undergone rehabilitation after a serious injury that led to a coma for almost a year and a half, returns to work. His former partner was killed in that fatal firefight, and so he was replaced by a humanoid machine, an experimental advanced model with more advanced intelligence.

Jack hates him at first. But the further, the more he is strengthened in the opinion that his partner is not quite a robot. Or rather, almost a human ...

The show was very successful. But it was suspended and then closed, due to the extreme workload of the actors in the work on full-length projects. The TV channelFOX couldn't handle such an expensive specialist as Urbant. And Michael Eey, the performer of the role of the robot partner, also did not come cheap. As well as the whole project in general. But in vain. The people were very disappointed with the closure of the project.

9. Beyond the Possible (1995-2002)

Syfy TV Channel (USA). KP rating 7.7.

Filmed 7 seasons. Status: Completed.

Another project, each season of which is a series of unrelated and separate short feature films with a bias in the fantasy genre. The worlds "Beyond the Possible" are as varied as in the case of "Black Mirror". Moreover, Black Mirror itself can be safely called a kind of sequel to Beyond the Possible.

We will not go into details, let's just say that it's worth it. This is evidenced by the high rating and the number of stamped seasons. 7 seasons for a fantastic series, believe me, is a lot.

From the video, unfortunately, only the intro is available.

10. Dark Child (2013-2017)

BBC America TV channel (USA). KP rating 7.7.

Filmed 5 seasons. Status: Completed.

At first glance, people may be indignant: “Wait a minute! And then where is the parallel world? " We will answer. For our heroine, played so superbly by Tatyana Maslani, to get into the life of an unfamiliar dead girl and was falling into a kind of "parallel world" in which life goes by completely different laws.

Who does not believe can see for himself what horrific problems Sarah had to face after she put on the guise of a person who looked like her like two drops of suicide ...

11. Doll House (2009-2010)

FOX TV Channel (USA). KP rating 7.6.

Filmed 2 seasons. Status: Completed.

A girl with a strange name Eco is a doll, that is, a person whose personality can be erased and rewritten in a different interpretation. Why is this done? Yes, so that rich people can use it for their own pleasure.

But one day, Eco's memory begins to resist violence against himself. At some point, her brain begins to remember everything, and then the docile puppet is replaced by a desperate avenger who will not rest until he gets out of this doll house and takes revenge on the freaks who doomed her to this terrible existence ...

12. People (2015 -...)

AMC TV Channel (England, USA). KP rating 7.4.

Filmed 3 seasons. Status: Break.

The project, developed by the English studio AMC, which owns such creations as "The Walking Dead", "Hell on Wheels", etc., is a kind of rehash of the Swedish TV series "Akta manniskor" (Real people). He talks about the problems of human society at the peak of the full-scale introduction of humanoid robots into our lives.

Someone needs a robot for domestic needs. Someone for sexual pleasure. Someone in order to be a caregiver or life companion. Entrepreneurs buy them in order to replace their human staff, which costs them too much. The army buys them for its own needs. Some replace their deceased relatives with perfect robotic copies. It's clear that society has taken up arms against synthetics. Some are outright hunting them.

It was at this time that one of the scientists managed to hack the program of synthetics, which helped robots to become aware of themselves. Now machines can harm people by protecting their "lives." What will this turn into in the end?

The Swedish TV series was a huge success and was closed due to the excessive cost. And if the Swedes managed to last only 2 seasons, then the British and the Americans went further. They have already mastered three, and they are not going to stop yet. Although the project is going with great creak. Two whole years have elapsed between the eight episodes of the second and third seasons. We really hope that the fourth season won't be filmed in three.

13. Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams (2017 -...)

Amazon TV channel (USA). KP rating 7.4.

Season 1 has been removed. Status: Unknown.

Another ambitious and expensive project in which all series of the seasons are separate feature films. Its only difference with Black Mirror and Beyond the Possible is that all stories are based on the works of science fiction writer Philip K. Dick.

Not all episodes are great, but most are worth watching for everyone. You can learn a lot, look at things from a different angle, and also open your eyes to some aspects of the technogenic and other future, to which we so joyfully strive.

14. The Man in the High Castle (2015 -...)

Amazon TV channel (USA). KP rating 7.3.

Filmed 3 seasons. Status: Showing.

What would happen if Germany won the Second World War? Judging by the series, nothing good would have happened. The US under Nazi rule is a sight to behold. To anyone interested - join. A very peculiar heresy, but not everything is meaningless. At least in this parallel world, everything turned out this way, and not otherwise. How do people survive here? We'll find out after watching ... at least the trailer.

15. Dinotopia (2002)

ABC TV Channel (USA). KP 7.1 rating.

Filmed 2 seasons. Status: Completed.

There is a kind of parallel world in which dinosaurs did not die out as a result of some global cataclysm, but evolved into intelligent beings and now live side by side with people.

And in this interesting world, no, no, and people from our world, like Karl and David, who flew on a plane on vacation, end up. The plane crashed, but it splashed down not in our world, but in the world of a fabulous country - Dinotopia, in which the guys will have to go through a lot of adventures and, in particular, save this world from the intrigues of evil minions.

16. Pines (2015-2016)

FOX TV Channel (USA). KP rating 7.0.

Filmed 2 seasons. Status Completed.

Special agent Ethan Burke was driving to the town of Wayward Pines, driving until he had an accident. And when he woke up, he found himself in 4028! So I went on a business trip for you!

There is a wall around the town. All residents are under total surveillance. No one should leave the town, as the evil mutants Abby dominate the walls. But is everything really as the people at the helm say about it?

The population is mainly made up of people from the past who slept for 2000 years in cryogenic chambers. And more and more of them wake up every year. There is nothing to eat. An uprising takes place. Burke dies, but his son has already grown up, who will have to deal with the affairs of the colony.

And there are many things to deal with. You need to go behind the wall to cultivate the land, otherwise the people will die of hunger. But the Abbies are awake. A complete mess reigns. Everyone wants to sleep again. But now there are not enough cameras for everyone! They were born here, you know ...

17. The Chronicles of Shannara

MTV Channel (USA). KP rating 6.9.

Season 1 has been removed. Status Completed.

The project was very ambitious and expensive. But it was distinguished by an unnecessarily stupid, naive and stupid plot. Therefore, it was closed after the first season. Stupidity and big budget are incompatible.

Who is interested in what the show is about - watch the video. This is the rare case when in the trailer the synopsis is brought to the viewer by the creators themselves. True, with excessive pathos and exaggeration, but ...

18. Under the dome (2013-2015)

CBS TV Channel (USA). KP rating 6.9.

Filmed 3 seasons. Status Completed.

Stephen King gave his next creation to be torn apart by Hollywood. And it turned out, at first, not bad, although the plot was far from the book version. And it would have to end in the second season, when the rating was transcendental. But, no, the greedy businessmen from CBS didn't slow down the engine at full speed. So he drove into the wall from all over the place. By the end of the third mediocre Achinea season, the rating of the masterpiece plummeted from 8.2 to 7.0. And then only, apparently out of respect for old King, did not slide even lower.

Here a whole settlement fell into a kind of parallel world. The plot revolves around the town, over which, for no apparent reason, a kind of transparent and heavy-duty dome suddenly descends, which, as the warriors later found out, could not be destroyed even with a vacuum bomb. People can neither go out into the big world, nor get into the town. And then the entire population seemed to break through. All their putrid secrets came out. And in this terrible atmosphere, people will have to cook indefinitely.

And outside the warriors, meanwhile, come up with and organize attempts to destroy the dome, one more sophisticated than the other. Yes, but nothing comes of them. So what do you need to do to make the damned dome disappear?

19. Outside (2014-2015)

CBS TV Channel (USA). KP rating 6.5.

Filmed 2 seasons. Status Completed.

The series with Halle Berry was successful, until it slipped into a kind of interpretation of "Species" with Natasha Henstridge. And it all started so cool. And it ended so abruptly. People, intrigued by the plot, waited for the continuation for a long time, until the CBS TV channel finally delivered its verdict: “There will be no more kin! I should have criticized less and watched more! "

And, indeed, people get too late that aspect that if your favorite TV series is not watched online during the premiere on a TV channel, but downloaded from sites later, then its rating begins to slide into dust. CBS doesn't knit brooms. The project was very expensive, the creators tried their best for the fans of science fiction. So, excuse me, move over. Look now to read something else that you watched instead of our series ...

It is only in fairy tales like "Fedorin's grief" that the dishes forgive the hostess and return to her. Here entot number did not work. And therefore, although the series is clear where it was going, we will never know its ending. Like that Stargate Universe. What ?! Nothing! It was necessary to watch! After the fight, the snot does not smear!

Watching the trailer for another interesting future and ... Sighing ...

20. Haze (2017)

Spike TV Channel (USA). KP rating 5.0.

Season 1 has been removed. Status: Completed.

In the end, we could not resist the temptation to include in the top a series with a rating below 6.5. And all so that you, dear viewers, could personally appreciate how some Hollywood scriptwriters can pervert masterpieces in the opposite direction.

King's story of the same name "Mist" (or "Mist", in some translations) is an absolute masterpiece. The idea of how scientists, in pursuit of the creation of all new weapons of mass destruction, make a gap in a parallel world, from which a stream of evil spirits poured into our world, was truly an innovation at that time. And it was written excellently, so it reads with great pleasure even now.

But self-confident Hollywood hacks, who had the chance to stage a series based on this story, imagined that they were a hundred times smarter than King and could, by altering everything, create a cooler masterpiece. It turned out full ... Let's not say that out loud.

The series can be watched by those who have read the story, or at least watched the full length. In order to laugh, get angry and be surprised at the narrow-mindedness and stupidity of the "genius" scriptwriters from the Dimension Films film studio, which was entrusted with the development of this "masterpiece" by Spike TV.

That's all, ladies and gentlemen, for today. We are waiting for you in our new tops, but for now - all the best to you, and more cool TV series!

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