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The Chronicles of Amber: A screen adaptation just around the corner!


Robert Kirkman, who wrote the scripts for such famous TV series as The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead and The Outcast, has expressed a desire to adapt Roger Zelazny's famous Amber Chronicles for TV screens. >

This information has reached our ears. And although they have already found a company that agreed to direct the series (it turned out to be Skybound Entertainment), Kirkman's work is moving very slowly.

What is the Amber Chronicle?

Zelazny, back in the distant 70s, developed a theory according to which an infinite number of parallel worlds are nothing more than an endless layering of reflections (shadows), which are cast from two opposite true worlds - Amber (the true world of Order) and Chaos ( true world of Chaos). Everything in the Amber world is perfect.


Ideal inhabitants, ideal air, ideal landscapes, forests, fields and rivers.

But, not without bad people, of course. There are plenty of idiots, hypocrites, intriguers and other "extraindividuals" everywhere. But here, if intrigues, then they are also ideal. And if there are wars, then they are to the fullest.

Chaos, on the contrary, is all a heap of contradictions. Colorful sky, moving rocks underfoot, cliffs into the abyss and all that. You can be thrown into another shadow even from the fact that you, through negligence, strongly let the gases go. But the local people, due to their maliciousness and intrigue, can give Ambersky a head start.

In general, if you travel through parallel worlds from the world of Order to the world of Chaos, you will notice that each time the next reflection begins to become somewhat uglier, until, finally, from the middle, everything begins to degrade towards chaos. And vice versa.

It's not entirely clear where our world is in this endless series of reflections. Probably somewhere in between. But it doesn't matter. The following is important.

The Nine Princes of Amber

It is about the Amber family, ruling the true world, that the first five books are talking about. The story is told from the perspective of one of the Prince Brothers - Corwin.


Father (King Oberon) has long gone into reflection (the local offspring of the royal family have lived there for thousands of years), where he is safely and lost, which is why a real "battle" broke out for the throne between sisters and brothers, whom the daddy did not walk up from. .

By the way, everyone in whom the royal blood of Amber flows, after passing through the initial labyrinth of order - the Image (in some translations this artifact is referred to as the "Path"), acquires the ability to travel through parallel worlds / reflections / shadows, changing them to suit you.

Corwin wakes up in one of the private clinics of the shadow of the Earth with complete amnesia. It dawns on him that someone wants to kill him. And he begins his investigation, which leads him, ultimately, to the True World, in which his relatives asked him so that the enemy would not wish.

But the cunning, quirky and not devoid of a sense of humor, Corvinus everywhere, in the end, managed to do everything. Well, everything turned out to be all right with revenge.

Merlin's Five Books

The next five books describe the adventures of his son - Merlin, whom Corwin conceived with one of the princesses of Chaos - the sorceress Dara, who managed to fool him and pass herself off as a simple provincial girl. He was brought up in the chaos of Chaos, went through the local labyrinth - an artifact called "Logrus", also gaining power over parallel worlds / reflections / shadows.


And then the Amber artifact also passed.

And dumped on Earth, to study as a programmer, in order to develop a computer gadget with artificial intelligence and capable of transferring anyone from shadow to shadow. For which both the forces of Amber and the forces of Chaos took up arms against him.

In general, I can't convey it in just three words. The ten-book is very interesting. George R.R. Martin himself said that without him, most likely, there would be no "Song of Ice and Fire." Well, or it would have had a completely different look.

And Kirkman decided to adapt such a literary masterpiece for the filming of the series.

Swinging for a very long time

Preparations for the project began (from the words of the same The Hollywood Reporter) back in 2016. Who was chosen for the main roles is still not clear. As there is no news on the progress of the script. It seems that the project was shelved, because the Outcast with its two seasons unexpectedly fell on Kirkman, not to mention the parallel running so far Walkers and Fear the Walkers.

He also signed up to play the script for the superhero animated series Invincible and the sequel to American Werewolf in London. So, up to the 20th year inclusive, the author of "Walking" has a minutely schedule. Where he will also find strength for the adaptation of "The Chronicles of Amber" is not clear.

And the film company Skybound Entertainment, selected for the film adaptation of The Chronicles of Amber, also raises some concerns. Nothing but "Fear the Walking Dead", she can not boast during its existence. No matter how they banished the project.


In the meantime, fans of the Amber Chronicles from all over the world await news from Kirkman with their fingers crossed. And nothing that adaptations of great works often leave much to be desired. Hope dies last. What if it will be another "Game of Thrones", in contrast to which Zelazny has an excellent beginning and amazing endings, both in the first five books and in the second.

We will wait for the adaptation of the Chronicles of Amber together with the fans of the Amber Kingdom. Maybe things will get off the ground. Kinzo will still be so interesting! After all, you will have to try very hard to remove the nonsense of such an exciting masterpiece!

All to you! And more awesome movies and TV shows - especially!


PS: It is very symbolic that actors who look suspiciously like Andrew Lincoln (in Kirkman's Walkers - Sheriff Rick Grimes) and Norman Reedus (all in the same Walking - Daryl Dixon). Don't you find?

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