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Introduced WT2 Plus Bluetooth headset with translator functions


At the international exhibition event CES-2019, among many new products, a gadget was demonstrated that can be very useful for travel lovers - a mobile bluetooth headset that acts as a translator.

Visually, the device looks like classic wireless headphones, but has different functionality. The WT2 Plus wireless headset-translator connected to the smartphone is linked to the language service. The user can choose one of the built-in 20 languages, but support for 15 more is expected in the future. The language application can recognize accents, including about 5 pronunciation options for English.

Both earbuds are equipped with 110 mAh batteries, and the moment they are in a pocket case (also equipped with a battery), they are automatically recharged. A single charge lasts up to 5 hours of active use and up to 30 hours of standby time. The full charge of the gadget is restored in 1.5 hours, while the battery of the case is enough for two recharges of each earphone. When you open the Bluetooth pocket case, the headset automatically establishes a connection with the user's phone, after which you can start using the translation function.


If two people speaking different languages want to communicate, each of the interlocutors uses one earpiece. At the time of speech, the gadget broadcasts the spoken words to a smartphone, in which the language service translates what was said, and then transmits the result to the earpiece of another participant in the dialogue. The whole process from pronouncing a phrase, translating it and transferring it to another headset takes less than 10 seconds.


Headphones with translation function operate in three modes. There is a standard automatic method in which the wireless headset for the phone operates independently. The gadget can also be configured in Touch mode, in which before each phrase you should touch the earphone with your hand. This method is more suitable when talking, for example, on a busy street, so that the headset does not pick up extraneous noise.

A third mode called Speaker will be appreciated by those who do not want to share their headphones. When activated, one of the interlocutors uses his headset, and the other participant in the conversation listens to or reads all translations on the screen of his smartphone and, in turn, can respond through the speaker of the phone.

The manufacturer says about 95% accuracy with which transfers are made using Google and Microsoft cloud storage. The headset requires a constant connection to the Internet, but the developers have announced an offline version of the translator.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer claims to have a translation function in real time, in reality, the bluetooth headset processes small phrases that last up to 15 seconds. Thus, this limitation does not allow full use of the gadget, for example, when watching a movie in an unknown language.

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Author: Jake Pinkman