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A typeface that can translate


Recently, many citizens of our country can afford to travel during their holidays or vacations. At the same time, some of the travelers visit other countries. Some of them speak foreign languages, others do not. The WT2 Plus product from Timekettle can help the latter in this matter. It was recently shown at the CES 2019 International Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Features and capabilities

Outwardly, this device resembles ordinary headphones that do not have wires.


It costs 219 US dollars and will become irreplaceable for many. Because this headset allows translating speech from several languages of the world. To do this, you just need to use Bluetooth to connect the headset-translator to your Android or iOS smartphone, which must be equipped with a special mobile application. Here you can select the language and track the spoken phrases.

The device currently supports twenty languages. It is gratifying that there is USA among them. The Chinese say they will add 15 more soon.

The product is also able to identify different accents and recognize them. For example, in Australia, English is spoken with an accent. WT2 Plus will easily detect that this English is used in that country and will easily translate from it into any other requested language.

As for the equipment, these headphones are supplied with a special case.


Each is equipped with a 110mAh battery, and the case has its own 320mAh battery. It has the ability to recharge your headphones. The full cycle takes about 1.5 hours, it is enough for five hours of communication. The device can be in standby mode for no more than 30 hours. The case has enough battery capacity for two recharges of each earbud.

How it works

When the case is opened, an automatic connection occurs between both headphones. One of them comes into contact with the user's smartphone, which allows him to start communicating with a foreigner. To do this, everyone puts on an earphone from the existing set. During a contact, one of the interlocutors speaks, the headset records everything and transfers it to the smartphone. The application installed in it translates and transmits the received text to the interlocutor's earphone. Feedback is provided in the same way.


True, there is a small temporary pause. At least 3-5 seconds pass between the spoken phrase and the receipt of its translation in the foreigner's earpiece.

There are three modes of operation of the gadget. The first "Auto" mode allows the device to do everything by itself in automatic mode.

The second "Touch" mode is activated when the user touches the headphone with the user's hand before pronouncing each phrase. This functionality can be useful when communicating in public places where it is quite noisy. It allows the product to prevent translation of someone else's and random speech, as it blocks its capture.

The third mode - "Speaker" will help the squeamish. It allows only one user to use the earphone. The second receives the translation on the monitor of his smartphone and reads it out. Then he speaks the text through the speaker of the smartphone, and the first user listens to the translated phrases using the earpiece.

Timekettle claims their product delivers 95 percent translation accuracy. For this, Google and Microsoft cloud servers are used. While the operation of the device without Internet access is impossible. However, the developers say that they will soon release an offline version of the translator.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer's information contains a certain amount of guile. Their product cannot be fully considered a translator. It can only translate short phrases at a time that last no more than 15 seconds. For example, when watching movies in a foreign language, this device will be useless.


And yet, WT2 Plus has more pluses than minuses. The device is far from ideal, but it allows a person not to get lost in a foreign country. Its use will always allow you to find a restaurant, hotel, airport or any other attraction without wandering and talking with the locals "on your fingers" or frantically gesturing.

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Author: Jake Pinkman