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Bluetooth headphones for wireless comfort


Wireless products have one undeniable advantage. They do not have wires that are always tangled and distracting from important matters. This applies to any device, especially headphones, which are used not only at home, but also in many other places.

NFC-enabled Bluetooth headphones provide even more convenience. If among the functions they have, there is noise reduction and protection against moisture, then this is generally fine. Let's consider several variants of such headsets, sales of which began in the MTS store.

Sony WI-C300B

This product is a low-cost solution developed by Sony specialists. Sony WI-C300B are wireless necklaces. For 1999 rubles, the user gets a product equipped with nine-millimeter speakers that can transmit sound for 8 hours without recharging.


In order not to be distracted and answer phone calls quickly, there is a microphone that allows you to use the headphones in hands-free mode - without contacting your smartphone.

They also support NFC and Bluetooth. Sony WI-C300B will be useful for cycling, hiking, public transport and any other form of travel. They charge quickly and are therefore a good option for everyday use.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit 30

These products are suitable for anyone who loves to spin an exercise bike or play with iron in the gym. It is known that Plantronics specializes in the production of headsets, but BackBeat Fit 30 will compete with any analogues. They are sleek and comfortable, with fabric wire braid and different colors.


Users will love their package, which contains several silicone ear pads for different sizes of auricles. They are also not afraid of water, due to their IPX5 protection and have a remote control with a built-in microphone. On a single charge, the earbuds can work from 6 to 10 hours.

Sennheiser CX 6.00BT

The Sennheiser CX 6.00BT product is an in-ear device. They will appeal to experienced music lovers and just music lovers. These devices are not competitors for expensive "Cheburashkas", but they will give odds to many analogs.


Sennheiser CX 6.00BT delivers clean and undistorted sound. The kit includes several attachments. For control, there are three buttons that are able to recognize the duration of pressing. The autonomy of the headphones is at least 6 hours.

Marshall Major III Bluetooth

The Marshall Major III Bluetooth gadgets will always delight real music lovers. When developing their design, the manufacturer's specialists used the style and aesthetics of old rock and roll.

These headphones are massive, covered in faux leather, which makes them spectacular and gives the impression of high cost.


Major III is equipped with powerful bass and excellent sound. They serve the sound with a slight "metallic" tint. They are equipped with a noise canceling function, which allows you not to worry while listening to music on the street or in the subway, in a crowded place: no noise will distract you. At the same time, this function works in moderation, everything that should be heard, the user will not miss. But this is not the main advantage of headphones.

They have impressive autonomy. They can be used for up to 30 hours on a single charge.

Beats BeatsX

There is nothing worse for a music lover than forgetting your headphones at home. The autonomy of Beats BeatsX is enough for 8 hours of listening to your favorite tracks in peace. The headset is charged via Lightning, and a five minute charge gives you two hours of use.


A flexible wire is used to connect the pair, which is not afraid of twisting. The cups are equipped with magnets that you can stick to each other. This is necessary to give them a stowed position. In this state, the headphones will never catch on or fly off.

Beats BeatsX comes with multiple pairs of ear pads. Any user will choose the appropriate size for themselves. In addition, they have retainers that will prevent the earbuds from falling out with any evolution of the user. A remote control with several control buttons is available for added comfort.

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