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Good Sunday Movie: #survive (2020)


Today in our section “What to see from the movies” is the horror movie “# to survive” (2020). And again from Korean filmmakers, who have recently taken seriously the subject of zombie apocalypse. If the picture came out a little earlier, it would undoubtedly have got into our extended top-100 of the best zombie films, where it would have taken the honorable 35th place with a rating of KP 6.27.

But since the tape was released relatively recently, we will devote a separate article to it.

Extended description of the movie "#survive" (2020)

The zombie mess in the movie "# to survive" (2020), as in many films of this genre, begins abruptly, without any explanation where the virus came from (or what kind of infection, impulse, radiation, etc. times, we were not told), which turns people into rabid creatures capable of operating on a human body even after cardiac arrest. Let's check out the trailer.

The fact that it is without translation is nothing. Even those who know English, he will tell you little. Therefore, we decided to lift the veil over at least the first quarter of the plot.

A young, discolored in the latest fashion, an overgrown teenager who looks 18-19 years old, he is also a bum gamer, wakes up in the morning and enters the starting location of his favorite toy, where a strange conversation takes place among other gamers. Like, on TV they seem to be some kind of impossible rubbish.

The main character of the movie "#survive" (2020), who, by the way, is called Oh Jong-woo, turns on the TV. There is an urgent news release, which says that the people on the streets for no reason at all are turning into rabid monsters attacking each other. He might not have believed this nonsense, but strange sounds are really coming from the street, and he decides to go to the window.

In the courtyard of a multi-storey and multi-apartment residential complex, in one of the buildings of which he lives, something terrible is really going on. Cars collide on the road, people knock each other down, everyone is running somewhere, shouting. Before his eyes, the girl, who had just found her mother, grabbed her neck with her teeth, after which John-woo decided to finish his “inspection of his home yard.”


To say that he was unsettled is to say nothing. But before he has time to fully feel the situation, a neighbor bursts into his hut, complaining about his enraged brother. John-woo is categorically not ready for the company of a neighbor, especially after he saw that he had a wound on his arm. And on TV they said ambiguously that the infection spreads precisely through bites.

Throwing a neighbor out of the house was not an easy task, since he began to turn into a zombie right before our eyes and tried to grab a piece or two from John. But the gamer, having contrived, nevertheless pushed the hungry creature thirsting for his flesh into the encircling corridor, propping up the front door with a refrigerator for greater reliability.

SMS from the Rodoks that he should stay alive, they didn't make his situation any easier, and on the second day he starts posting his photos on the network with a poster in his hand, on which his address is written, with calls to come to help him. Vidos for the #MustStillVived tag gave out little useful information, but every single one of them was terrible. Not knowing what to do with himself, he tries to reconnoitre the situation in the adjacent apartments using a quadcopter and sees that the situation around is totally deadly.


There are essentially no survivors. At least in the first minutes he did not see such. The drone had to be returned before he lost it due to a dead battery.

It gets worse

In the evening, looking out of the window, he witnessed how zombies tore a lady-policeman. The pistol did not help her in the fight against rather nimble ghouls. It either ran out of cartridges, then the rate of fire did not keep up with the attackers, in the end, she dropped the gun and the woman, having filled up, began to chuff the zombies.


Like a madman, the main character began to scream from his floor, trying to distract the ghouls from the police, but only achieved that a dead man broke into the hut through his refrigerator barricade from the corridor, which the gamer barely managed to throw off the balcony of his 8 th floor, while almost losing his life himself.

The days go by. The dead man who was breaking into the apartment of the protagonist of the movie "# to survive" (2020) through the refrigerator, dropped and smeared all his food on the floor, so that he, in addition, remained hungry. To top it off, the tap ran out of water. In his next video message to the people, John-woo wrote that he may die of thirst, but he will not leave the house.

On the 15th day, from the lack of water and the oppressive environment, the former gamer began hallucinations, which were interrupted by the signals of incoming messages. Leaning out as far as he could out the window, he caught the signal and received a voice message from his mother, from which he learned that they were all dead. It was recorded just at the time of the zombie attack.

John's nerves are giving up completely. He grabs a golf club, walks out into the encircling hallway, and starts screaming like a madman. Immediately, zombies gather at his cry, and only after that he realizes what kind of donkey he is.

On the 20th day, military helicopters appeared over the city in the distance, bombing something there, causing the electricity to go out.

In short, after leaving the last video message on the network, in which he never found anything to say except "goodbye", he decides to hang himself.


He is already knocking out a chair from under him, when the beam of a laser pointer begins to blind his eyes. Someone in the house across the street is still alive! He was not the only survivor all this time! Clutching the stranglehold with his hands, he, floundering with all his might, still breaks off the ceiling and falls to the floor. Approaching the window, he sees a girl in the building opposite on the eighth floor, looking at him through binoculars.

As it turns out, his adventures are just beginning.

Pros and Cons of # Survive (2020)

In general, the movie "# to survive" (2020) pleased me. It almost lacks the pretense of Korean cinema. Probably, this is because the heroes had no one to communicate with. Some conflicting plot moves also made me think. Not everyone will like the ending either. But ...

Most of all I would like to get answers from the creators of the movie "# to survive" on the following questions:

  • Why didn't the main character lose any weight in almost a month without food (and, partially, water)?
  • Why did the protagonist's bleached hedgehog stay the same length, even though his hair should have grown back in three weeks?
  • How can a basket ride on a tight rope between the windows of buildings located opposite each other at the same height, in both directions?

Of course, these moments are not so critical as to ruin the whole, quite good, by the way, movie"# to survive" (2020), but still ...


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