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Sex speedrun in Fallout: New Vegas and beyond


Whether you know it or not, speedruns have a separate niche category like sex speedruns. It consists in sleeping with all the available characters in the game as quickly as possible, if the developers have provided such an opportunity. Popular in this speedrun category is the Fallout series, especially New Vegas. With the help of glitches and a timely gender change - such a passage can be completed in just 28 minutes.

In the best room at Tops, you can sleep with someone who recently shot you in the head. With the "Black Widow" ability and high charisma, you can fill Benny in bed and make sure they never wake up.

Honestly, I've killed this asshole many times. Saved, rebooted and gladly executed him more than once with his own pistol in Caesar's camp. However, I never once thought about sleeping with him. As well as in general, I did not think about the fact that the game has 12 characters with whom you can have sex. However, among the crowd, two speedrunners, Tomatoanus and KungKobra, are very familiar with all these characters. The first set a record for such a speedrun at 28 minutes 38 seconds, and the second holds the last record for 29 minutes 38 seconds.

Sex and nothing else

KungKobra has done speedruns in New Vegas before. It was his extensive knowledge of bugs and tricks in the game that helped him open a new niche for Fallout New Vegas sex speedruns. In his own words, he was pushed to such a speedrun by the trend in the whole party of high-speed passage in Fallout 4, where people tried to sleep with all the characters in the game as quickly as possible. But those who have played Fallout 4 know that sexual contacts with companions are available only after completing long quest chains. But the inhabitants of the Mojave are more freedom-loving and are ready to have sexual contact with you without much ceremony.

Although in theory, "sleep with everyone" is easy. In practice, things get more complicated. What made this category especially interesting was the fact that I had to combine several glitches that are not used in the normal speedruns of the game. This immediately becomes clear when Tomatoanus himself tells in his video how and what he does to achieve the result.


Tomatoanus and Kungkobra are the only two speedrunners to have a good time in the niche category. And probably the only ones who could make it interesting, since the main thing in such a speedrun is to find the right route. It is in laying out the route that all the juice lies.

If you go to the wiki to find out which characters you can sleep with, you will realize that some NPCs will only sleep with men, and some only with women. So, in order to sleep with each character in the game in just one playthrough, you will have to change the gender of your character from male to female on the fly.


The game does not provide you with the opportunity to change your gender at will, but after you leave Goodsprings, which acts as a sandbox for training, the game will carefully offer you the last time to make sure that you want to play exactly for the character that you created at the beginning and gives the ability to change everything.


However, for speedrunners, this is not a problem. The Time Stop error allows the player to keep walking while other characters around the world are paused. This allows Kung and Tomato to defer the character swap menu until they are ready to use it. Fortunately, the two characters who will only sleep with men - Maud and Jimmy - are both sex workers in Casa Madrid, so the courier can first sleep with them and then switch from male to female for the rest of the game. This speedrun is Red Lucy. In order for her to agree to sleep with the courier, you need to complete a chain of quests to deliver her eggs of dangerous animals for the arena. At the same time, it was she who was always left at the end of the speedrun, since the rest of the characters are located within Vegas.

Kung and Tomato competed with each other precisely on the basis of who will find loopholes to complete this quest faster.

Not only New Vegas

It is noteworthy that in the end, Tomatoanus set another record for passing the entire Fallout series in the sex speedrun category. But with the condition that you need to have sex at least once in the game, then move on to the next part. And it also has many interesting points. For example, in the third part there is a long prologue, which literally infuriates all lovers to run the Capital Wasteland faster. However, the universal intelligence inherent in each speedrunner suggested a loophole, and you can get out of your native Vault 101 at the teenage stage.

Therefore, you go through the entire Fallout 3 sec speedrun as a 10-year-old boy. Like this. You can also push your friend in Megaton so as not to waste precious seconds. This speedrun took Tomato 23 minutes 7 seconds to complete.

If you try to find other sex speedrun videos, alas, you will only find those who arrange similar races in Fallout 4. However, I think there are quite a few games where speedrunners can show their brilliant skills and not only in the Fallout series .

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