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Top 11 Weird Things Fallout Fans Do


Each big franchise has its own fan base. And sometimes she can do very unusual things to express her love for the game, which cannot be called anything other than strange or even crazy. Today, when Bethesda presented us with the equally strange and controversial Fallout 76, which have already discussed everything, we will talk about the strange and crazy actions of Fallout fans.

1. I will avenge you Tod Howard!

As we recently wrote, an angry fan of the series wanted to return Fallout 76 back to the store and was refused. As a response, he began to smash it, smashing racks and throwing discs.

2. I'll create my own blackjack hideout and sh ***** and!

One gamer made an entrance to his playroom by recreating their Fallout hideout door. It not only looked the same, but also opened like in the game: it must be constantly pulled out of the grooves and rolled, which is quite authentic. This is truly an insane act for a falout fan.

3. This is not my dog

A fan made a mod for the fourth part of the game, thanks to which he replaced the dog with his dog. Not that the dog was a bad character, just to fully immerse himself in the world of the game, he wanted a model of his dog. He took a photo of her and, with the help of modeling, imposed it on the texture of the pisna and thus brought his dog into the game.

4. Shut up and take my caps

On the eve of Fallout 4's release, a fan decided to buy the game with the caps, which are the currency in Fallout's world. Since neither Steam nor other digital or real stores, alas, accepted this "currency", the fan simply sent 2,240 bottle caps to the office by the developers.

Fallout caps

In the attached letter, he directly asked if he, as a true fan of the game, could buy the next part with the caps that he had been collecting for 7 years. Besezda approved of this originality and allowed him to pre-order the game for the caps. They also tweeted that this guy was the first and last one to receive the game this way, hinting that they would no longer receive caps.

5. Bethesda honors the memory of a late fan

One guy on Redita told a tragic story about how the game helped him cope with the death of his father and the fact that his brother was very sick. His brother was as much a Fallout fan as he was. The studio found out about this story and sent the brothers a special package with the thematic stuff for the game. Unfortunately, by that time, her brother had died and Besezda decided to honor his memory in the Nuka World expansion, creating an NPC named Evan there. That was the name of the late game fan.

Fallout 4

6. Kill everyone, complete everything, break everything and sleep with everyone

But these are really crazy actions of the Falaut players. There was a fashion among let-play players how to play the game with different conditions. For example, one streamer went through the third part, killing every character he met. Another played a small version of the third part: he got out of the shelter with the help of bugs before his father picked him up and played the game as a baby.

Also, various speedrunners broke the game in order to complete it as quickly as possible. So one guy was able to complete the game in just 14.54 seconds. Another speedrunner set himself the goal of sleeping with another character as quickly as possible in each part.

7. Be careful not to burn yourself

Not that a very strange act of a Fallout fan, but rather an interesting one. In the fourth part, the weapon does not have an animation of destruction after wear, as for example in Call of Juarez. Since a weapon is an object, it wears out and fails. One fan decided to change this by simulating what would happen if a plasma cannon explodes in the player's hands, because in theory it should at least burn the player's hands and irradiate them with radiation? Yes, and it looks amazing. If the developers introduced such a function into the game, it would clearly become more realistic.

8. Roll the dice

New Vegas fan created the board game "Monopoly" on the theme of New Vegas. By the way, it turned out very interesting. We can start by owning the Search Light Camp or Vault 22. The railroads were changed to NCR monorails, the police to robots from the Strip, and he used themed money with images of characters from the game like Mr. House.

9. I was just playing a game at home when I was hit by a car

This is rather an insane situation with Fallout, which happened through no fault of the player. The gamer was quietly sitting at home studying the radioactive wasteland when a car drove into his house and hit him. Fortunately, the gamer was not hurt much. He was saved by the fact that he constantly played while sitting on a chair with wheels, and just drove off with all his might and turned over in a collision, but was not crushed.

10. I will create a movie and it will be a masterpiece

A fan has completely recreated the episode from Planet Earth 2 in Fallout 4 using mods. It turned out to be quite cinematic, and most importantly informative.

11. I'm a loser. It's Bethesda's fault!

One USA citizen filed a lawsuit against the studio with the accusation that he lost his wife, job and half of his savings in a divorce, as he was very addicted to Fallout 4. A friend filed a lawsuit 4 weeks after the game was released. It remains only to think how strong his marriage was, that a month later it broke up, and he also did not appear at work for several days and he was fired. If we look at all this soberly, we see a typical case when someone started life derailed and decided to cut money by accusing someone else of failure.

These were the strangest things Fallout fans have done online. Read also the history of the Fallout series and an overview of Fallout 76.

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