Vampire Toreador Clan: TMB 2, KFC Trolls Apex Legends, Fallout: New Vegas Sex Speedrun New Record - This week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

World Of Topics » Games » Vampire Toreador Clan: TMB 2, KFC Trolls Apex Legends, Fallout: New Vegas Sex Speedrun New Record - This week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two

Vampire Toreador Clan: TMB 2, KFC Trolls Apex Legends, Fallout: New Vegas Sex Speedrun New Record - This week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two


Vampire Toreador clan: TMB 2, KFC trolls Apex Legends, Fallout: New Vegas new sex speedrun record - this week's game news digest from WorldOfTopics. Part two

True Hedonists - the Toreador clan in Vampire: TMB 2

We continue to be introduced to the vampire clans in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. This week we were introduced to the Toreador clan, also called the Rose clan. They are fans of high art and are considered true hedonists.

This clan is quite large, and its history is directly related to Seattle, which is the scene of the second part. The ranks of these vampires are full of creators: artists, poets, sculptors, architects, musicians. They are the ones who have shaped the culture and architecture of Seattle for years.

However, the clan had a crisis, so to speak; the bullfighters began to wonder if they were losing their influence? The reason for this is the architecture of the middle of the last century, which is losing ground in front of modern high-rises. Despite this, the bullfighters are still quite influential, and representatives of the clan can be found in the Pioneer Square club and various galleries.


Toreador are able to win over to their side, and also have super speed. Their abilities:

"Presence" [do not violate the Masquerade]:

  • Reverence - the vampire takes a spectacular pose, after which all enemies looking at him forget everything they saw not so long ago.
  • Fascination - you can gather a crowd of fans around you who will follow you and distract the enemy.

Swiftness [break the Masquerade]:

  • Invisible storm - the character accelerates and becomes almost invisible. He can attack from behind, dodge an attack, and move out of sight of the enemy.
  • Acceleration - the vampire accelerates to such a speed that it moves faster than time.

As a reminder, we covered the Brujah and Tremere clan earlier.

KFC decided to troll Apex Legends for lack of updates

Marketing is our everything. A large fast food chain decided not to miss the opportunity to promote itself due to the battle royale trend and troll the project from Respawn Entertainment.

KFC has a separate page on Twitter where they post various memes on the topic of video games. Recently, there was a meme with a White Ninja comic character poking a stick at the Apex Legends logo with the words "Come on, do something."


The joke is that players constantly complain that the developer has been releasing any updates for his game for a very long time and slowly. This post was reacted by senior programmer of the studio, Ray Vinson, and joked in response:

“Dear Brand. We are currently developing a bunch of different things. Alas, we can neither fry, nor do other such things with the game, which you constantly do with your delicious chicken. Our gameplay is made according to a special, old recipe. Therefore, keep eating chicken and wait a little more, "the developer tweeted.


Speedrunner sets new Fallout: New Vegas sex playlist

The world of fast paced games is so big that it even has such a thing as a sex speedrun. That is, when the goal of the speedrun is to sleep as quickly as possible with all the characters in the game [with whom you can do it]. A man named tomatoanus set a sex speedrun record for all Fallout parts a few months ago. So, the time of his adventure-passage was 23 minutes 7.63 seconds.

Now the wasteland stallion has decided to hone his skills specifically on Fallout: New Vegas. In order to fill up all 12 characters with whom you can sleep in the game into bed, he used a lot of bugs. So, with the help of cunning manipulations with a pip-boy, he changed the gender of his character.

Not without the traditional acceleration and passing through walls - the speedrunner honestly broke the whole game and did not use cheats. Another notable feature of this walkthrough is that there is a sensor in the corner of the screen that shows the player's heart rate. Perhaps in this way he wanted to convey that although the sexual experience shown to us is digital, the gamer gives all the best as if he is real.

The new record for this passage was 21 minutes 13 seconds.

Marvel's Spider Man continues as a comic strip

The first good news is that Marvel's Spider Man will continue. The second, also good news, but not the one we wanted to hear - it will be in the form of a comic book series called Spider-Man: Velocity. The plot will directly continue the events of the game and tell the truth about the Velocity costume.


According to information from the official Marvel website, the comic will be released in August immediately after the end of Spider-Man: City at War - a comic adaptation of the game. The author of the adaptation Dennis Hallum is responsible for the script of the new comic, with illustrations by Emilio Laiso.

Parker, who is still trying to combine his personal life with the life of a hero, will be embroiled in a confrontation with the villain known as Roy. He will also defend Mary Jane during her investigation, which she is leading together with journalist Ben Urich.

And of course, we will be told the details of the creation of Velocity, which will play an important role in the plot.

An overview trailer for the first story of "Pestilence" has been released

If you've only heard of the game only remotely or only recently, tinyBuild has released an overview trailer for Haruspex's story.

There are three scenarios in the game that will unfold parallel to each other. The first story tells about a young doctor Haruspicus, who, having received a disturbing message from his father, returns to his hometown, seized by a new plague.

We will try to survive this worsening disaster for 12 days and heal as many people as possible. Time is our main resource, and if we miscalculate it, then key characters in the game can die.

The player will have to unravel the mystery of the infection, as well as collect provisions, sometimes rob houses and even fight desperate sick people.

The game will be released on May 23rd on Steam . As a reminder, it was decided to release "Mor" in parts due to difficult development conditions. That was all the important news of the end of the week, stay with us.

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