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Instagram hashtags as a way to attract followers


Hashtags are a great tool for promoting your Instagram profile, but only if you know how to use them.

They allow you not only to showcase your new post to your regular readers, but also to attract a new audience. Hashtags are keys , one way or another related to the publication.

Top 15 most popular hashtags of 2017:

  • #love;
  • #instagood;
  • #photooftheday;
  • #beautiful;
  • #fashion;
  • #tbt;
  • #happy;
  • #cute;
  • #followme;
  • # like4like;
  • #follow;
  • #me;
  • #picoftheday;
  • #selfie;
  • #instadaily.

It may seem to you that it is enough to use 5-10 top hashtags for promotion, and the post will immediately start collecting likes in batches. In fact, everything is not so simple. The hashtag must be appropriate. The meaning of some is quite obvious: they denote feelings ( #love, #happy ), well-known phenomena and concepts ( #fashion, #selfie, #nofilter ). These hashtags are long-term and stable in popularity. In addition to them, there are trendy ones: their life is short, it can last only a week, but their presence under the post will allow him to fly to the top.


An example of a hashtag that became a trend at the end of 2017 is #metoo . He was part of a movement to support women victims of sexual violence. He was unknown until October 2017.

The reason trending hashtags are better than popular ones is because people not only use them themselves, but also look for other people's posts that contain it. Making lists of trending hashtags is interesting, but not very useful, since, as already mentioned, the popularity of trends is very short. What everyone is talking about today may not be interesting to anyone tomorrow.

Alternative to hashtags

In addition to hashtags, you can use another strategy to promote your public pages, products and services. The idea is to find someone who you think will be interested in your content. Tag this person in your message using the @ symbol and their nickname. He will receive a notification, and if he is interested, you will have one more subscriber. Of course, this will only work if you don't spam right and left. If the person doesn't respond to two or three attempts to get attention, leave them alone.

It should be noted that posts with a lot of hashtags are often mistaken for spam. For this reason, it is recommended to put 3-5 hashtags in the message. If they are chosen correctly, the publication will find its audience, and you will find followers. But as always, the main thing is the content of the post. Interesting, sincere text will attract much more attention than over-spammed "dogs" and "bars".

I can't put down the correct hashtags, what should I do?

There are 2 solutions - one is expensive and of high quality, and three times free

  • Expensive and high-quality service

The service will help you choose hashtags for any photo, calculate its likely one. popularity and will show statistics on hashtags. He does all this cool and everything would be fine, but it costs from $ 49 per month. But there is a 7-day trial period, during which you can feel the full power of the service


Free and without registration -

The service will help you analyze hashtags for a photo and assess the likelihood of its success. But he does it not on Instagram, because hashtags will describe the photo, but may not be as useful as in the first case.


Using one of these solutions, you can easily learn how to choose the right hashtags for any photo.

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