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8 Secrets To Get Real Instagram Followers


We've all heard about the incredible income of instagram bloggers and you probably wondered how they managed to get so promoted? We found 8 secrets to help you make your account more popular and fill it with live followers, without ads or attachments.

Immediately I want to make a reservation that without attachments or a name, it will be extremely difficult to enter the tops and in order to achieve the goal of becoming a popular blogger, you will have to turn instagram into work and devote a large chunk of your time to it.

These tips can provide a good starting point for successful promotion, but they will not advance anything by themselves. You will be promoting yourself, and following these tips you can do it faster and more efficiently.

Learn to make quality content

This is the most important and at the same time difficult step.


High-quality photos always get more likes than regular ones. Build up your knowledge of the basics of composition and photography.

It's worth reading first:

Secrets of Successful Instagram Photos

Good Instagram photo - how?

Find authors who inspire you

In the age of the Internet, you can become a student of any, the coolest photographer, just by looking at his photos and work. Use this, but don't copy it exactly.

Photographer Marat Safin

Even if you create an Instagram account for your cat, it is still worth finding a successful cat account that will help you figure out where to start and what to do.

Accounts for inspiration:

Marat Safin, not a tennis player



Photos for inspiration

Take part in contests

The official USA Instagram account posts photos of users on its page every week by the tag #instagramweek

Don't put the hashtag #instagramweek on all your photos. Give them only your best work.

Instagram photo

In addition to official accounts, many groups select quality content for their feed and this is a great way to wake up famous.

Use the correct hashtags

You've probably seen photos dotted with a bunch of popular hashtags more than once. The more popular the hashtag, the faster your post will leave the first page of the hashtag and no one will really see it.

Photo An example of quality tags. Photo: Rastawhiteshepherd

For example#fun, #girl, etc.hundreds of photos are published every second of them and their use is almost pointless.

It is best to use tags that are relevant to your location and describe the situation. For example, if you post a photo of a girl in Moscow:#Moscownow, #Moscownow, #moscowdays, #moscowgirl

This narrows your viewing audience, but increases their interest in your content.

Come up with your own unique set of hashtags.

The next step is to come up with your own hashtags so that your subscribers can easily find you.

Photography Photo: bengygram

Even if you keep your cat's account, you can easily do it. For example:#Cottom, #Cottomplaying, #Cottomest. Using these tags, subscribers will be able to more conveniently find your publications that are interesting to them.

Explore what your followers love

You will quickly be able to collect first subscribers, colleagues, family, friends, random people, shops and spam accounts.

And then, in order to attract more real people, and not shops and studios for nail extension, you will need to understand what your subscribers like more.


Here you need special software to view the statistics of your publications: is a convenient manager for your account with a USA interface. Allows you to make deferred publications and analyze audience engagement, both by publications and by tags. (There is a 7 day trial period)

Iconosquare is a software solution with a huge set of possibilities for publishing posts and analyzing audience and engagement (There is a 14-day trial period and has only an English interface)

Using this software, you can understand which publications and tags are of the greatest interest to your audience

In order to succeed in this difficult business, you will need to constantly monitor the interest of the audience and on an ongoing basis provide content that is interesting to your subscribers.

Use Research in Psychology

This advice sounds rather strange in itself, so we'll explain it properly.

We love certain colors and their combinations and perceive content better at 11 am than at 4 pm. All these little tricks of the human psyche can help you too.


To make your content more interesting, you should study the theory of colors and their combinations, in order to most effectively both remove and apply filters. We may like this or that photo only because of its pleasant colors, even without reference to what is depicted on it.

Here are some key research studies on publishing:

  • Research has shown that Mayfair gets 6% more likes and comments than other filters.
  • A study by Curalate found that images with blue as the dominant color receive 24% more likes than red images.
  • The study also found that well-lit images, images with a lot of white space, one dominant color, low saturation, and high texture levels are more likely to get more attention.
  • A recent study by Later suggests lunchtime (11:00 am to 1:00 pm) and pm (7:00 am to 11:00 am), as well as weekends for important posts.
  • Hubspot social media specialist Dan Zarella analyzed 1.5 million Instagram photos and found that images with faces were 35 percent more popular. In flowers, he says he avoids yellow, orange and pink. Use grays, blues, and greens instead.

Tag and geotag other people

Try to tag people and products in your photos - if used correctly, you can attract much more social interest in your post. The main thing is not to go overboard or fall into frank spam.

Photography Photo d.konoplev

Geotag is another great way to expand your audience. You can immediately be noticed and posted in the community for the location in which you checked in. The main thing, again, is not to spam photos from Miami while sitting in Biryulyovo.

All these methods, if used correctly, will help you to significantly increase the audience of your instagram account with live followers.

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