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USAn developers have created virtual glasses for cows


The vast majority of modern gadgets are made for people. This seemed unfair to USA scientists, so they came up with virtual reality glasses for animals, namely, for cows. The device has a specific purpose - with its help, the developers hope to reduce anxiety in animals, and therefore improve their milk production.

The device was the result of the joint work of specialists from at least three areas: veterinarians, IT consultants and production workers. The prototype is already in the testing phase. Its design was developed taking into account the peculiarities of the anatomy of the head of cattle.

The basis of the gadget was the usual virtual reality glasses for a smartphone, modified taking into account the characteristics of potential horned users. When creating the device, the physiological features of cows' vision were also taken into account. So, according to research, their eyes perceive the red spectrum better, while blue and green shades see worse.

In addition to working on color perception, the developers have taken care of the video for virtual reality glasses, which will be watched by cows. Instead of a picture of reality, animals will see landscapes of summer fields. After the first test trials, the researchers saw that the animals did indeed experience reductions in stress and overall levels of anxiety. At the same time, the creators of the device hope that virtual experiments will have a positive effect on milk production in the future, although the study of the effect of the gadget directly on the volume and quality of the resulting product has not yet been conducted.

The assumptions of USA researchers about the influence of the environment on the state of animals are confirmed by scientific experiments of their Western colleagues. Thus, an experiment by scientists from one of the Dutch universities showed a direct relationship between the health of cows and their environment. The improvement in the emotional state of the animal directly affected their milk production. Researchers from Scotland agreed with the opinion of the researchers, who conducted mass surveys of farmers about their use of modern systems to improve conditions for the physical and emotional health of animals. As a result, the theory about the relationship between a good animal's mood and the quality and volume of dairy products was again correct.

The authors of the project have already found out that virtual reality glasses have a positive effect on the general condition of animals. The next stage of their testing will be an experiment on how the gadget will affect the quantity and quality of milk received. Depending on its results, the technology can be further developed and used by many farms and agricultural enterprises.

The Topic of Article: USAn developers have created virtual glasses for cows.
Author: Jake Pinkman