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Setting up your smartphone and VR apps


Virtual (augmented) reality goggles in combination with a phone can enhance the use of digital media content. Watching videos, playing or working with virtual reality is much more interesting, given the possibility of creating high quality 3D images.

Below it will be written how you can configure the necessary applications and start using all the truly unique possibilities of virtual reality.

Where to start?

Before starting work with VR glasses, it is worth adjusting the focal length of the lenses and their cut (distance) and the length of the straps. It is worth doing this for a comfortable further use of the device.

Many VR goggles come with a Bluetooth joystick. If there is such a device, that is, it is necessary to synchronize with smartphones by establishing a wireless connection.

Downloading applications from Google Play or App Store

In the future, you should download the necessary applications from the Google Play store for Android or the App Store for iOS, depending on the phone model. You can use the word "VR" to search. For a beginner, you can try 3D viewing with Orbulus VR or Sites VR. Roller coaster in virtual reality is also suitable.

Or install a PC program

In order to synchronize the VR glasses with a personal computer, you will need to download the additional RiftCat Vridge app. It will allow you to set up communication between your phone and PC via USB cables or wireless connection. By running the program on a computer and smartphone at the same time, you can adjust the image parameters. SteamVR games are pretty easy to set up. By choosing the appropriate mode and the distance of the virtual reality glasses from the floor, you can enjoy a three-dimensional image and full immersion in the game.

"Immersive Effect" on Youtube will allow you to enjoy unique videos in the 3-D world of virtuality.

VR glasses have a lot of options that you can take advantage of depending on your own desires. The main thing is to choose the right gadget that will open up virtual reality for the user.

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Author: Jake Pinkman