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10 animes to watch for this fall


The summer anime season will continue for some time, but the reason has already come to look into the distance in search of a new good anime for fall 2019. We have compiled for you our personal selection of anime that is worth waiting for this fall season. Perhaps it will be better than all other seasons this year.

Granblue Fantasy The Animation 2

Eh, it's nice to meet in the stream of constant issekai the usual good-natured fantasy, which was the first season of Granblue Fantasy. In it, the main character Gran is eager to get to the island of stars. Fate brings him to the mysterious girl Liria, who literally fell from the sky. They gathered a loyal team of homies, got the ship and together went in search of the mysterious island.


They fought against the empire and primitive beasts, overcoming other obstacles. And so their journey continues, as the cherished goal is still far away.

When? October 4

Psycho-Pass Season 3

Wow, ladies and gentlemen, 5 years of waiting and finally in the fall we will see the sequel. But when it comes out and in how many episodes is still a question. As we recall from the second season, after the incident with the Sybil system, Inspector Tsunemori decides to follow the rules of the system in the hope of establishing law and order. In addition, Makishima and Kogami have disappeared, and the department is in total chaos.


However, over time, everything returns to its place, Tsunemori becomes a new member of the police squad, and pursues criminals in his cops' everyday life. Only in the third season there will be a hero who has been playing a double game all this time.

When? Sometime in the fall

Bright Sneezing 3 / Chihayafuru 3

Karuta is a card game with special cards, each with new powers. Ayasa Chihaya is a girl who can beat anyone in this very game. Her goal is to become the best player in Japan. Although at first glance it seems that this is about a sports anime, it mixed teenage and personal experiences, and also found a place for a love conflict for three people. Plus, it's an anime from MadHouse, so expect high quality animation.


When? October 22

The Seven Deadly Sins 3 / Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu 3

Continuation of the battle of knights against demons. The last arch ended with Escanor smashing everyone who stood in his way. In turn, Anger, aka Meliodos, resurrected, regained all his strength and began to kill, enjoying the process.


What exactly will happen in the new season - only those who have read the manga know. But taking into account that all the villains from the Ten Commandments are still alive, there is where to roam the plot. The ancestors of King and Diana are known to have become members of the Ten Commandments. They will plunge them into sleep and take them to another world, where they will offer to pass a series of tests.

When? October

My Hero Academia 4 / Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season

Most likely, "My Hero Academy" will be the most anticipated anime of the fall season in principle. After all, she is almost the main shounen of our time now. If anyone does not know, the main character of the anime is a guy named Izuku, who was born in a world where almost everyone has super powers, but not him. Therefore, he has to train hard to keep up with his peers, but this is given to him with difficulty.


One day he meets an all-powerful hero who shares with him his boundless power. So, a person who does not know how to do anything, becomes one of the strongest creatures on the planet, and begins to learn to control this power.

Although I noticed that, in principle, the whole conflict in the anime always consists of the fact that the heroes are attacked from time to time by the League of Villains, they are defeated, there is a lull and here again. Looking forward to something new.

When? October 12

Fate / Grand Order: Babylonia / Fate / Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia

By the lore of this universe, the Chaldea organization supports the existence of humanity after the mass extinction in 2017. This happened due to singularities that appeared in different parts of the world. One of the Chaldea Masters, Mitsuka, travels back in time to destroy them and prevent extinction.

This time he is sent deep into the past, in the times of BC to Mesopotamia. This is an era where the era of gods and people went their separate ways. The main character will have to confront the "Absolute Demonic Front", which is exterminating the local residents of a nearby village.


In a row, this will be the seventh singularity, which is to be closed by the main character and his servants. I will add that most likely, more fans of the Fate series are waiting for it / because if you are not familiar with the universe, it is better to bypass this title.

When? October 5

Sword Art Online: Alicization - War of Underworld

Rejoice SAO fans as you get some more of your favorite anime about Kazuto's adventures. Three years after defeating the Administrator, the game faces the final stage of a stress test. When the Great East Gate falls, thousands of Vector's minions will be trampled upon the people. Whether Bercouli's army will be able to withstand this horde - we will find out in the anime when it comes out.


When? October 9

We cannot study! 2 / Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai 2

Eh, who would have known that haremniks will still be popular. Moreover, this is exactly the anime. In any case, Nariyuki Yuiga was appointed as a tutor for three brilliant girls in order to receive a scholarship in the future and not pay for education. Each of the heroines is a real ace in her field, one is a genius of mathematics, the other writes masterpiece novels that penetrate to the depths of her soul, the third is a professional in sports.


But except for one subject, they know nothing… .That's what an ordinary ordinary schoolchild with average scores will have to pull them up. We saw how it was in the first season and will continue to watch in the second.

When? October


I love life stories about anthropomorphic animals. Outstanding Beasts is the local Japanese counterpart to Zootopia, where predators and herbivores are forced to coexist. They even have joint schools.


The main character is the wolf Legoshi. He is soft and sensual, goes to the drama club and will not offend a fly. This does not prevent him from looking intimidating in the eyes of others. There is a murder on the school grounds. Against this background, Legoshi meets his love.

When? October

Are you the only one who loves the Great Me ?! / Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo

Amatsuo is constantly followed by two of the most beautiful girls in the class, and he feels like a character in a harem manga. He wants to get a declaration of love from two girls, because Amatsuo is a narcissistic pretender who only does what he dreams of a harem.


But it was not there. It turns out that both classmates are in love with his basketball friend and ask for help. Amatsuo decides to do this in the hope that he can knock wedges to the one to which the athlete says no. However, his intrigue again fails because of another girl who is also hypocritical and loves intrigue.

When? October

These were the coolest animes of this fall, which you should expect according to our portal

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