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What to see in the fall anime season? Autumn 2019 anime


In our last fall 2019 anime story, we covered 10 awesome titles you should watch. Today we will tell you in general about the autumn season of the anime, its content and other TV series, which will be released starting in October.

Kabukichou Sherlock

The anime is set in Japan's bustling Kabukicho district. At night, it lights up a bunch of neon signs, and its streets are filled with hundreds of people looking for fun. But as it happens, the darkest essence always hides behind a bright background. Specifically in the Kabuki-cho area, a murder takes place, from which the plot will be based. And it's not entirely clear where everything will lead, to a thriller? Black comedy? Drama? Who knows.

When: October 4th



There are people in the world with special telepathic abilities who can penetrate the minds of others and change their memories. This is the best thing to do when you are investigating crimes. However, you can also commit murders. This ability is so powerful that it can turn against whoever uses it and kill him. That is why it is so difficult to commit murder with the help of reason, because an unprepared killer can lose his mind himself. They come up with different defenses against the carriers of this force, and they themselves are contemptuously nicknamed "pets".

When? October


Black Fox

In one futuristic metropolis, the house of a ninja family is located. However, she has long lived an ordinary measured life. The eldest daughter of the family, Rikka, loves and respects her explorer father very much. One day they are attacked. Rikka must decide how to save her family from death, and that's when she has to become the Black Fox.

When? October 5


High Score Girl 2

This is an anime for those who cannot live without lamp memories of Dendy. It's 1991, Yaguchi Haruo spends all his free time playing the console. He is not friendly, not pleasant, and generally does not possess at least one pretentious character trait. Once in the arcade hall, in the battle of Street Fighter 2, he encounters Oono Akira - the complete opposite of Yaguchi. This girl is attractive, friendly and everyone likes it, and most importantly, she beats the guy. After that, the girl chases him day after day and overwhelms him in all games. Soon, friendly feelings even appear between them.

When? October


Hold this sound! 2 / Kono Oto Tomare! 2nd Season

According to the plot of this anime, we follow the lives of students who go to the school's hobby club for Koto, a Japanese folk instrument. The main character, who once joined this club, remains alone, since all other members graduated. He needs to find participants again because the club will be closed. As an evil, an application for admission is submitted by a school bully, who inspires fear in the whole school. They do not actively want to accept him, but it turns out that this guy's grandfather was the founder of this very club, and that is why he is eager to join it. When? October 5 Radiant 2 / Radiant 2nd Season Continuation of the adventures of Set's gang, which is looking for the legendary Radiant, where Leroy Jenkins himself fought at one time. And all in order to destroy the nemesis monsters. The gang will continue to search for that same nest, meeting new friends and enemies.

When? October 2


Fantastic Star Online 2: Episode Oracle / Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle

This is a fantasy anime where several warring races live in one world. All representatives can fight among themselves and against hostile monsters in an online competition. This is a classic fantasy Isekai, working according to the rules of MMORPG, where each victory leads to pumping and improvement of their equipment.

When? September 30


There is no cure for my brother! 3 / Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! 3

The main character is a girl not a mistake. She is talented in everything, fighting and never afraid of anything. She has a brother and he is her complete opposite. He's a loser with everything falling out of hand. But he doesn't really care. He lives for his own pleasure and enjoys life. In addition, he loves his sister very much and often admits that in comparison with her he is a complete failure and insignificance. But my sister is always experiencing Spanish shame. It's a good comedy, but the visual style doesn't suit everyone.

When? October 7


Avatar of the King 2 / Quanzhi Gaoshou 2nd Season

Another fantasy online isekai. We have an ordinary dude who plays the popular online game "Glory" and is one of its best players. He has upgraded to the highest level and acquired excellent leadership qualities. That's just the envious team members give it and kick it out of the server. Xu Ye, which is the name of our hero, returns to everyday life and leaves to work.


But then they open a new server, to which even more people come. This is a chance for Xu Ye to start over. Ten years of experience will clearly help him achieve new heights, and he will also surround himself with a new team that he will definitely be confident in.

When? November

Z / X: Code Reunion / Z / X: Code Reunion

Four strange portals have opened in the world, through which a wave of creatures from other worlds rushed. They began to hack and kill each other. Classic. Each of these portals leads to an alternate future. And each of the inhabitants of this world wants their future to come true. This is the cause of the conflict. Five teenagers are drawn into it, who, using unusual devices, can summon creatures to fight. The anime will be based on manga, but only basic, because the original source is a sugary story about girls who like to drink tea.

When? October 8


Special Criminal Investigation Unit: Tokunana / Keishichou Tokumubu Tokushu Kyouakuhan Taisakushitsu Dainanaka: Tokunana

Once upon a time, dragons ruled this world and all fantasy creatures: goblins, elves, gnomes, etc. Now they have disappeared, and all who remained live in peace and harmony.


A certain criminal group called "Nine" appears in Tokyo, wanting to get the forces of dragons and wreak havoc for this. The police form a special department to fight these terrorists and investigate their crimes. The protagonist, a young policeman Seji Nanatsuki, wants to personally participate in everything related to the Nine, even though all his colleagues make fun of him.

When? October 6

This was our selection of Fall 2019 anime that might also pique your interest. If you have not read our last article about the autumn must have - he is waiting for you at the link.

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