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15 unknown facts about anime that will blow your mind


What do you know about anime? Do you consider yourself an anime expert or just a beginner? Want to impress your friends and acquaintances with explosive facts about anime? Then you are in the right place.

Below are 15 incredible facts you didn't know about anime. They are not only about famous episodes of TV shows like Naruto or Death Note, but also about the Japanese anime industry in general.

Are you in the mood to think? Good then, because these 15 facts about anime will surely surprise you a lot. Which of these facts was the most unpredictable for you? Vote for the most unexpected fact.

In Code Geass, all the heroes love pizza because Code Geass sponsored Pizza Hut

If you're still surprised that British Empire characters are constantly chewing pizza, it is because all anime series in Japan were sponsored by Pizza Hut. However, when the version with English subtitles was released, the company logo was removed and yet Cheese-kun, the Japanese mascot for Pizza Hut, remained in the series.

The drunkard was the prototype of the Titans in Attack of the Titans

How did Hajime Isayama find the image of such a terrible creature as the Titan in his Attack on Titan manga? In one of the TV shows, Isayama revealed a secret: one of the most terrifying monsters in the history of anime is based on the image of a drunken visitor in an Internet cafe. Isayama was unable to communicate with him and this fact inspired him to create the famous manga about the most widespread and at the same time the most terrible animal in the world - man.

Spirited Away is the only anime to win an Academy Award

The Academy Award for Best Animated Feature does not usually go away from Disney or Pixar, but in 2003 the anime Spirited Away won the Best Animated Feature Oscar at the 75th Grand Prix Awards American film academics. However, to the public's confusion, Hao Miyazaki, the film's director did not attend the ceremony due to his opposition to the war in Iraq.

Death Note inspired Chinese students to write down their teachers' names

When it comes to imposing bans on material that is inappropriate and provocative in the opinion of the authorities, China does not stand aside and does not hesitate to ban many anime from viewing. The authorities of this country have imposed a ban on such popular anime series as "School of the Dead", "Attack on Titans", "Psycho Passport". As for the "Death Note", it was banned not because of the excessive number of scenes of violence, but because the students started special notebooks, like the Death Note, where they began to write down the names of those teachers whom they most hate. p>

The writers of Sailor Moon and The Spirit Rampage Report are married

Celebrity marriages rarely last long. In this they are unlike the creators of the manga. Naoko Takeuchi, author of Sailor Moon, and Yoshihiro Togashi, author of Report on Spirit Rampage, and Hunter Hunter were married on January 6, 1999. The wedding ceremony was attended not only by fellow creators of the manga, but also by actors who voiced roles from the anime series "Sailor Moon" and "Report on a Rampage of Spirits.

Bleach might not have happened

In 2016, the anime series "Bleach" came to an end, but initially "Bleach" was not accepted as a manga even in the famous anthology Shonen Jump, which is released weekly in Japan. Series creator Tite Kubo sent Bleach to the publisher, but the episode was rejected because the schedule for other publications was full and there was simply no room for a new manga. However, the creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama, wrote a letter to Kubo to continue working on Bleach. This is how Toriyama became involved in the future success of Bleach.

Studio Ghibli named after a WWII aircraft

There is much more to Hayao Miyazaki's love of airplanes than making the 2013 anime "The Wind Rises." The name of the legendary Japanese animation studio Ghibli comes from a model of an Italian WWII aircraft that was named Ca.309 Ghibli. Studio Ghibli even immortalized this fact by mentioning the name of the aircraft's creator, Giovanni Battista Caproni, in The Wind Rises itself.

Anime character with 22 voice-overs

As noted in The Simpsons, the magic of animation is that if the creators change a character's voice just of their own accord, no one will notice the slightest difference. For the anime "Isn't it a zombie?" the difference, however, is quite palpable, especially for the necromancer character, Uclewood Halsite, who has been voiced by as many as 22 actors over just two seasons.

The heroine herself is in most cases dumb, but her lines are "selfishly imagined by weak-willed heroes", which as a result affected Y's voice.

50 new flowers created for Akira

Akira was not just a turning point for the West in 1989. The established anime has also become a milestone in the technological path of the Japanese anime industry. This anime consists of 2,212 frames and 160,000 individual pictures - 2-3 times the size of a regular anime. Akira not only broke the record for the use of various colors, a total of 327, but also 50 new, unique colors were created specifically for this anime.

But what was the reason for such records? Most of Akira's scenes take place at night. This is the time that anime creators usually try to avoid due to the increasing demands for colors.

Your name is the highest grossing anime film in the world

The success among critics as well as the commercial success of "Your Name" Makoto Shinkai cannot be overstated. This anime not only brought the creators a lot of dollars, but generally exceeded the revenues of even Spirited Away by studio Ghibli. Before the release of Your Name, Spirited Away held the record for $ 289 million, but Your Name grossed more than $ 355 million.

Naruto's characters were inspired by the Japanese film industry

In the anime series Naruto, Naruto summons the giant ninja toad Gamabunta to help him. The name Gamabunta comes from the famous Japanese actor Riot Sugawara, who played the role of a yakuza member in the films "Battles Without Honor and Pity." The director of these films about the Yakuza group, Kinji Fukasaku, was also not forgotten by the creators of Naruto. The elder ninja toad, Fukasaku, is named after him.

Sazae-san is the longest anime series still running

When Europeans think of the longest anime series, titles like "The Simpsons" or "SpongeBob SquarePants" come to mind. And in Japan, none of these shows can compete with "Sazae-san" with its 2,500+ episodes, which will make you wonder very much if you are watching.

This series was launched back in 1969 and continues to this day. The Guinness Book of World Records named "Sazae-san" the longest running animated television series in the world.

The first anime about a magical girl was released in the 60s

Sailor Moon may be synonymous with the fairy girl anime genre, but it was hardly the genre's first. The first show about a magical girl was "Sally the Witch", which was released in 1966-1967 in Japan. Some elements of this anime may also be considered to belong to the shojo anime genre.

Japanese astronaut recorded his cameo role while in space

No one in space will hear you scream ... unless it's an anime. For Episode 31 of the Space Brothers anime series, real Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide recorded his audio portion of the role while aboard the International Space Station. Hoshide thus became the first voice actor whose voice was recorded in outer space. Here's what he thought about it himself: "It was quite difficult, but I did my best. I am very interested in what will come of this and what episode will turn out."

Secret origin of the name "Gundam"

Have you ever wondered where the name Gundam came from? According to Bandai South Asia, the original name for military robots was Gundom, a linguistic contamination of the two words "gun" and "freedom". However, the creator of the series, Yoshiyuki Tomino, changed the name to Gundam, which changed the meaning itself, because now it used the word "dam", meaning "dam", "dam", which gave a second meaning to robots, as mechanized creatures capable of holding back the enemy.

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