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Surviving Mars Review - How Do You Elon Musk


In the last decade, the entire Western world has really caught fire with the idea of colonizing the Red Planet. The discovery of traces of water on the surface of Mars, the recent big-budget film The Martian and the promise of Elon Musk that the first colony on Mars will be built in the middle of the next decade.

But all this will come later. And today in Surviving Mars, you can look into the future and build the first Martian colony faster than Elon Musk. The game was developed by Haemimont Games, which created the best parts of the Tropico city-building series under the supervision of Paradox Interactive. Such a creative tandem simply cannot disappoint. Or can it still be? Learn more in our Surviving Mars review.

Taming the Red Planet

Such an unpleasant place like Mars is still worth looking for. Instead of oxygen, carbon dioxide, meteorites are constantly falling, there is no electricity, water, food, blackjack and sh ... schools. How to live here? Therefore, first it is required to make the planet habitable for people accustomed to comfort.

Surviving Mars Mars

In Surviving Mars, already in the start menu, you need to select not only the cargo shuttle with all the important resources, but also decide on the mission organizer, the commander-in-chief, storyline trials and the shuttle landing site. All of the above decisions primarily affect the difficulty of the game, which can be more or less than 100%.

When the shuttle arrives at Martian lands, the process of territory development begins, for which drones are used. They, like obedient slaves, explore the territory for valuable resources, are engaged in construction, and lay communications. And, in general, they do not require anything, except for radio towers, which increase the radius of their movement.

Surviving Mars towers

Meet the Martians

When the preparatory stage is over, you can launch the first test subjects to Mars, oh, that is, a team of heroes who will be the first inhabitants on the Red Planet! As expected, it is not clear who is not taken on a mission of planetary importance, therefore, it is required to pay great attention to the characteristics of the settlers.

In Surviving Mars, everything is like in life - there are no completely positive characters and one colonizer can combine both hard work and addiction to alcoholism. Colonizers may develop additional characteristics after a long life on Mars.

Surviving Mars life on Mars

It is required to poke the whims of residents in Surviving Mars in every possible way and build bars, gardens, hospitals, entertainment centers so that residents do not riot, do not start breaking equipment and do not go home on the first rocket. The Surviving Mars mechanics even have the ability to cut off oxygen for especially violent Martians and earn the proud title of "the most evil dictator in human history."

Not a day without incidents

After the release date, Surviving Mars is unlikely to be called too hardcore city-building simulator, because there are dozens of complex graphs here. But the game will still drink pretty much blood from the gamer, especially during the first passes. Dust storms, tornadoes, meteor showers, frosts - all weather whims can ruin the life of the newly made colony.

Surviving Mars Tornadoes

In order to counteract the weather and develop the Martian civilization, you need to pump the technology branch. It is worth noting here that all openings in the branch are randomly selected for each new game, which increases the replayability of Surviving Mars.

We have to constantly use gray matter in order to have time to sit on two chairs: to please the requirements of the settlers, improve the colony and repair the consequences of natural disasters. For example, you can get carried away with scientific discoveries in Surviving Mars, reduce the number of workers involved in the extraction of important resources, and even the first cataclysm can lead to the restart of the game. Since there will not be enough food to fill the holes in buildings and communications.

Surviving Mars colony

Houston, we have problems

The Surviving Mars game has all the drawbacks usual for city planning simulators. Over time, when you get used to the game, develop the state, open all the achievements, it becomes just boring to play. Surviving Mars does not offer battles with aliens or even with neighboring colonies, but only focuses on the development of the state. And with proper management, you will have abundant resources, and all problems in the colony will be solved automatically.

You can still make a complaint about the setting. Over time, you get tired of the red Martian spaces, and even numerous buildings do not really change the color palette. At the same time, Surviving Mars has low computer requirements with a sufficiently detailed picture, where each colonist can be viewed in detail.

Surviving Mars graphics

Small step for man, big leap for mankind

Surviving Mars, for all its flaws, is actually a unique colonizer simulator. And even if you get bored after a dozen hours, you can expect a lot of new content thanks to the support for custom modifications. Download Surviving Mars is recommended for all gamers who love intelligent computer games.

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