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Firefox has learned to create a fake browser history


The Firefox web browser will soon have a spoofing tool. With it, ads in the browser with certain settings will be confusing. A tool called Track THIS will deceive targeted ads by changing your browser history. This function is able to present an Internet user in a new role: a financial investor, traveler, collector, shopaholic, and after using Track THIS, the browser will start displaying ads, the settings of which will be far from their real preferences.

As a general rule, setting up advertising in the browser occurs after analyzing the pages that the user views on the World Wide Web. And based on this principle, the system shows him those products that may interest him. The Track THIS tool can open dozens of tabs simultaneously and thus simulate a new personality in the browser history. The mechanisms that set up online advertising will record that the user, for example, is interested in the film industry, fashion, travel, business projects - the fraudulent service allows you to select the desired profile in the settings. At the same time, if the user has any of the ad blockers configured, Track THIS actions will have no effect.


The authors of the project shared their opinion on why they created such a function at all, and why the user, instead of thinking about how to remove ads in the browser, needs to deceive it. According to the authors, various targeting mechanisms, sites and web resources deprive the user of his own personality. Therefore, they tried to create a function that will give the user control over the situation.

It has been observed that advertising in the browser will change when the user selects the profile he likes in the Track THIS settings. So, if a fashion lover profile is selected, the service complements the browser history with sites of well-known brands. When a businessman's profile is activated, the tool opens websites of financial exchanges, business media, expensive accessories and clothing. You can also find a fake profile of an alarmist awaiting the end of the world. A browser history will be created for him with a search for underground shelters, protective equipment, safety kits.

The Topic of Article: Firefox has learned to create a fake browser history.
Author: Jake Pinkman