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Review Redmi Note 9 Pro Smartphone


Recently, electronics manufacturers have flooded the market with smartphones with large screens, costing about 20,000 rubles. Such devices are popular. The competition in this segment is quite high. Redmi is no exception here. Previously, this developer specialized in the production of inexpensive but high quality devices. Now the Chinese are keeping up with the times. Their latest devices have received large dimensions and good technical equipment. Let's talk more about one such model.

Not a bad average

The Redmi Note 9 Pro smartphone has minimal differences from its younger brother. It has the same design, dimensions, cameras. Only the weight is a little more due to the use of more advanced hardware.


Redmi Note received a MediaTek Heilo G85 processor, and the older model has the popular and nimble Snapdragon 720G. Therefore, he is entitled to a larger screen and more powerful charging. In short, the Redmi Note 9 Pro is a typical representative of the middle class. In this segment, all devices are distinguished by good build quality and productive filling. The main differences lie in the nuances, where the main thing is the photo capabilities of the product.

Cameras and their capabilities

The main camera of the Redmi Note 9 Pro smartphone consists of four sensors. The main thing here is a 64-megapixel Samsung ISOCELL f / 1.9 module, capable of forming blocks of four pixels to increase light sensitivity. This improves the clarity of images and reduces noise.


Fans of architectural panoramas will love the 8MP ultra-wide-angle sensor with f / 2.2 aperture. It allows you to get frames that do not need gluing.

The third, 5-megapixel lens is needed for macro photography. He received autofocus, allowing shooting at close range. The fourth sensor is needed to determine the depth of the scene.

The main camera of the device has large viewing angles and an average level of zoom quality. The AI used to process frames often makes them unnatural, oversaturated and highly contrasting. To get a moderate image, it is better not to use its algorithms.

The video quality is almost standard for the middle class. For smoother data transmission, digital stabilization is used. It's better than nothing - fluctuations are damped.

Not like the optical analog, but not bad either. MIUI 11 software add-on Not all users enjoy the constant increase in the size of smartphones and their displays. The presence of gesture control partly solves this problem. In devices based on MIUI, this technique is perfected almost to perfection. You can do anything with swipes in Redmi Note 9 Pro.

The device is equipped with a large number of pre-installed software. It's nice that there are useful "Yandex" or Uber here. At the same time, the developers equipped the device with the Tik-Tok messenger, which was a surprise for many of the first users.


Another pleasant surprise was the presence of a "night mode", which is useful for those who like to communicate with a smartphone before going to bed.

The main thing is that any preinstalled software can be removed without any problems. Not all electronics manufacturers provide this opportunity.

Good design

Redmi Note 9 Pro meets all modern trends. He has a large screen, thin body, light weight. The latter became possible thanks to the use of lightweight materials. The model with a pearl white back panel looks especially beautiful. Such a device is suitable for a representative of any gender and even age.

Device control buttons are conveniently located. A fingerprint scanner sensor is built into the display lock key. It works smoothly and quickly.

I would also like to praise the automatic brightness adjustment system. It reacts quickly to changes in lighting. There is enough brightness in the room, but on the street sometimes there is a feeling of its lack. Especially in sunny weather.

Music lovers will love the minijack. You can quickly connect the wired headphones that are included. They are capable of producing average quality sound, which is better than nothing.

Acceptable autonomy

It has already been said above that the smartphone is equipped with a 720-m Snapdragon. It does not throttle, works dynamically with the interface, supports G-Cam installation, and is energy efficient. However, there is still a feeling of insufficient autonomy. This despite the installation of a 5000mAh battery.

When testing the device at full load (maximum brightness, LTE, active audio transmission via Bluetooth, YouTube, instant messengers and rare photos), one charge was enough for 6 hours of operation.

Probably, under normal conditions, the battery capacity will last for the whole day. This is now an average result. It doesn't cause much excitement, but it doesn't make you feel discouraged either.


The Redmi Note 9 Pro smartphone turned out to be typical representatives of modern middle class devices. It has a big screen, good design, good build quality. However, this product falls short of the sub-flagship level. It has mediocre hardware and battery, weak camera algorithm.

This device will certainly be in demand. Not everyone can afford expensive devices, most prefer similar models that have an optimal price / quality ratio.

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Author: Jake Pinkman